Friday, September 15, 2006


Overall, yes I would say he is improving. He scared me today, when I arrived and he was not responding and being very, very agitated. But some meds, (I personally think we are having some serious seizure issues here!) and he is doing much better. He is walking now, very unsteady, but enjoying the jaunts up and down the hall with a grin on his face. He is A LOT of work today, no sitting quietly by his bed and reading or anything for mom. Eating lunch was a joke, but he is doing better. He was able to enjoy his beloved video games, and it was sweet to see his smiles. He is putting more words together and intiating conversations. All good things.
I did ask the doctor what Bald Man and I are in fear of. "Is this permanant?" She says no, not if it is caused by the Thorazine. Whew. But then... she said, if this is his seizures, then I can't say. I can't bear to think of losing my boy like this. Not in body, but in mind and spirit. So I WON'T think about it. Not now. I will face it if it comes. The evil of this day is sufficient unto its' self, thanks.
They did an EEG, we don't have the results yet.
Bald Man is here, to give me a break. Of course my first thought is of you, my Bloggy Darling Dearests, but after this? This mom is going shopping, and out to dinner. Mental Health Break, whoo hooo!

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Granny said...

I hope you enjoyed your evening out and so glad that, relatively speaking, your little one is doing better.

Klynn said...

Hope your mental health break allows you some measure of relief. Glad to hear that things are looking better. Thinking of you and checking back often.