Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mega Whine fest

We had three good days. Days where Little Man slept at night and days where he wasn't violent during the day. I don't think anyone is reading my blog anymore and I hardly blame anyone, this is all too depressing and awful.
The seizures started and got BAD on Sunday and are so horrific. Today, Little Man is doing TERRIBLE! He is so out of it, drooling, can't hardly walk, can't sit up straight. He is like a drunk person, stumbling, falling. Seizing at school. We keep giving him more meds to try to help with the seizures. And yesterday? I called the psych's office and told them. You know what they said? Call his neurologist! Arrgggh. Well I called the neuro yesterday and today and still have not received a return call. We are cutting down on the Thorazine, it is robbing me of my child, and trying something else to help him sleep. Rozeram if anyone cares. Which I don't blame you if you don't. I wouldn't either, except it is my life and I don't get a choice.
He isn't eating anymore, he has lost 3 lbs in the last week. He won't drink his formula. He is having trouble swallowing and has begun throwing up his medicine.
And my husband? We are both on ultra stress level but he is driving me crazy! He is way too impatient with Little Man which is frustrating me. He is isn't listening to me and that is making me mad. We are both snapping at each other. But because Bald Man isn't doing well with this, it is leaving me with more and more care of Little Man, this is when I need more help, not LESS! It is left to me to get this boy's medicine in him, Bald Man does a botch up job on it, everytime, and Little Man ends up puking it up because his dad can't be patient enough. It is bad here, really bad. I am not happy, low tolerance for anything myself because I am soooo stressed. My crazy kid is driving me crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest LakotaJo2,

I am from MyToos Board.
After reading your blog here I
feel I must caution you against bringing ANY type of loud noisy destructive bird into your home. It sounds like your hands are more than full, and my heart goes out to you. I admire your strength & compassion that's for sure!
If you DO go ahead & adopt a bird Please PLEASE keep Little Man's fingers away from the bird & the bird safe from him when he gets violent.
None of us live "perfect lives" & I am just very concerned for the welfare of the bird, you, your Little Man & whatever peace you do get on a given day.

Warm regards,

Liisa B
Mytoos member 566

Liza said...

Hmm...I used to have a big bird and any time anyone in the house got heated (i.e. loud) it would chime in with a MAJOR shriekfest. Currently I have a little bird (a cockatiel, smallest member of the cockatoo family and the largest one I'll allow myself until all of my kids are past the age of incautious finger placement and small-animal tormenting). The boys torment her with their action figures (I find Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk hanging halfway through the bars scaring the everloving crap out of her) and poke her with their fingers. She bites them, which I consider to be her right if their fingers are inside her cage, but always gently (my soon-to-be-ex, however, she bites holy hell out of). I've had a lot of birds in my life, and she's a rare gem in that she exhibits that judgement and doesn't get pissy toward all humanity (she is always very lovey and affectionate toward me). If Little Man doesn't do anything untoward to the rats, then probably you could handle a cockatiel (they're also less expensive BY FAR than the big birds, unless they're free-to-good-home rescues, and I've had those and sad to say they're often very disturbed, bitey birds). They're all the love, a twentieth of the money, and a tenth of the lifespan of one of those big white buggers.

So. That's my two cents on birds. I have been thinking about you often and checking for updates...was hoping it wouldn't come down to a choice between no violence/enough sleep and too many seizures/other side effects. Mental health vs. physical health. And wondering what I would do. Which led me to conclude that I was lucky not to be faced with that choice, and hope that you wouldn't have to. Crap.

Liza said...

Oh, and don't worry about scaring anybody away--if there's one thing I've learned about the blogosphere, it's that lurkers LOVE drama. Your hits probably peaked when you were at the point of considering inpatient treatment for Little Man, then dipped, and will probably now spike again with this latest news. Mine would go waaay up when something godawful would happen, which would alternately console me (at least people care!) and piss me off (FUCKING VULTURES DID YOU COME TO FUCKING GAWK AT MY MISERY YOU BASTARDS???). Either way I think it's the writing and the writer that's most important here, not the readers or the size of the audience. Rock on.