Monday, September 11, 2006

The Weekend, Um.. Yeah....

Oh I hate that I always seem to be whining! Things are better and things are worse, and I don't have a way for the two things to balance each other out, because they are so different.
The good stuff! Little Man is sleeping much better.
Little Man is much, much calmer. We were able to go out to dinner with him, (and all the sibs) and he was SOOOO good.
No more hours long melt downs. I haven't gotten hit, scratched, bit or spit on in days! Nor have I had to restrain him for his and my own safety.
He started school on thurs and the bus actually came and got him today and will bring him home. So far, so good. He is adjusting much better than we expected.
The bad:
Seizures, lots of seizures. At night, in the day. Not the grand mal, dropping on the ground kind, but alot of twitching, jerking, out of it in the day. At night? Oh they are awful, stiffening, jerking, dang close to grand mal at night. Awful, horrible.
I am so very grateful that he is doing better in some ways, but how can I rejoice when I am worried sick? Have a call in the NP. Am anxiously awaiting the return call.

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