Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our Holiday Weekend

Very nice. Little Man's shrink is unreachable and left no one on call. So this weekend, we are enjoying the Carnival of Insanity, brought to you courtesy of Little Man. There is the Tunnel of Sleeplessness. A fun ride, bumpy and the LONGEST ride you have ever been on in your life, as you wait for dawn to break so you can feel like you survived it. Friday night the child went to sleep at about 9:30, late, but doable. He was up at 12:30 FOR THE NIGHT! While Bald Man mostly handled him, I was awakened about 5 times during the night by their antics.
Then you have the Roller Coaster of Emotion. UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN. I don't what this medication is doing, but so far it is doing no good and a great deal of harm. He is fine, playing with his toys or on the computer. All is well, He is talking happily and seems quite sane. Then, something AWFUL happens. Like the phone rings, or perhaps the air conditioner switches on. I don't know, the triggers are invisible to the rest of us. Then the down part of the roller coaster starts. Speeding up to full tilt screaming and attacking. I can't tell you how many times the last few days I have gotten my hair pulled, bit, scratched etc. There is nothing to do but restrain him while he screams bloody murder about whatever. This morning it was about getting directions. He doesn't even know what he is talking about.
What I wanted to do this weekend: Go on a date with my husband. Nope.
Go to the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair: So sorry, Charlie, no to that also.
Clean for Brown Boy's arrival: That happened, sort of. On Friday it took me ALL day to clean the two bathrooms. I finally got my shower and lunch at 5.
What I didn't want this weekend: To be depressed and tired beyond expression, YUP, you guessed it, in the Carnival of Insanity, this prize is as easy to get as those stupid goldfish in a regular carnival. Even better, TOMORROW is part of the weekend too. Yay, boo.
Hoping the rest of your weekends don't suck as bad as ours.

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Liza said...

Aw, crap, Jo. I'm so sorry. Either your life used to be so so much better back when you first started the blog, before the cyst and the move and the medication do-se-do, or you were in massive denial back then, or a better cover-upper, or...sheesh. I don't know. I just hope things can get back to some semblance of normal for you soon, because I hate that you're having such a hard time right now.
You mentioned something about a special formula that Little Man needs to live, and you seem to know a lot about G-tubes, etc., which makes me pretty curious...does he have eating issues, too? E-mail me if you don't want to put it out there for all to see, or feel free to tell me to stick my nosy questions where the sun don't shine ;-)
I'm actually having a pretty decent weekend for a change. I'm waiting for a falling safe to come out of the sky with my name on it. XOX

Granny said...

I wish you could get a break from all this. Poor little guy - how awful it must be for him as well.

Jane said...

Ohhhh...I hope things are going better today....sending out a prayer for you and your family.

Jenny said...

If you lived in IL it would be illegal for him to not be in school. Whats the law there? How can they keep putting you off? This infuriates me just reading about it.

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Sending *BIG HUGS* your way. Wish there was something all of us here could do to help.