Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More on the Mormon Thing

Last night? Not so great. First Little Man didn't go to sleep until after 10 and then for some reason escaped snoring Bald Man's grasp during the night, crept into bed with me and preceded not to let me sleep most of the night. I suppose I could have gotten up and found out what was going on, but honestly, I was just so dang tired, all I wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep for a few more minutes. Did that pretty much all night, inbetween being woken up.
When I was woken up this morning by the get readyings of the Little Man, I just wanted to go back to sleep, then I remembered, oh my gosh I have visiting teaching to do this morning.
I thought, oh my Bloggy friends have no idea what VT is! So here ya go, for your edification.
In our church, we have a women's organization, called Relief Society. Every woman over the age of 18 is part of it. Part of what they do is called visiting teaching. You are assigned a companion and you have a list of ladies you are supposed to visit each month. There is a lesson that should be taught when you go.
There really are some great things about visiting teaching, both teaching and being taught. Under a perfect system, it means every single woman in the Church is visited once a month. If she has any needs or concerns they can be passed on to those who can help, if you are unable to do it yourself.
This was said as an example by one of the ladies I visit taught today. A young mother, in a state where she had no family, was left by her husband with two small children while she was in nursing school. The ladies of the Ward stepped in and helped with child care so she was able to finish her schooling and then move closer to home. What a neat system! (Working well of course)
It really is great to have a place where you belong, immediately when you move to a new place. It helps me meet the ward members and helps me remember that I am not the only person on the planet struggling to get through day to day life. A chance for service when you are feeling whiny is a good way off the pity pot.
While I would never want the ladies to feel like I am checking them off my list as something to be done, at the same time, it feels so great to have it done! Yay! Hopefully my companion and I will be better about not waiting til the last few days of the month to get it done.
And guess what? I got a nap. Ah the blissful curiative powers of slumber, when you are so tired you should be shot and put out of your misery. Nothing else got done, but hey, I am feeling like I might live after all, so who cares???
Enjoy your little mini lessons on the interesting habits of the peoples called the Mormons.

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ipodmomma said...

fascinating! truly a great way to keep in touch, and lend a hand, an ear or shoulder to one in need...

ta love...

Granny said...

My daughter who is a Saint in name only has a visiting teacher. Lovely woman.

Klynn said...

That just seems like a wonderful system. Not only are you reinforcing your faith, but you're providing support to improve the lives of your church family. If only everyone were so considerate. I'm guess I'm just too jaded by seeing so many hypocrites in the world. V. refreshing to see/hear of true devotion.