Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

The beginning of 2008 had us recovering from one surgery to replace the battery in his Vagal Nerve Stimulator

and then getting the long fought off feeding tube.

(I also whined about Little Man's seizures and his horrible behavior during Christmas break. At least some things don't change! I am whining again about those things this year!)

I learned how to knit and proudly showed off my mad knitting skillz!

I tortured my doggy


In Feb it snowed and snowed!


We had fun with Little Man's tube and I did some lobbying on Capital Hill. I got to meet K,J, their three busy children and the bump that would turn into TWO more!

I learned about pole dancing


and sadly about how mean even Mormon women can be. (sigh)

We enjoyed the outdoors in March
and walked with the cougars!

We fired a worker on Little Man's team.

April found us celebrating Little Man's weight gain and general good health. We also added Percy Pump to our family. I traveled out of state for a job interview and got a chance to meet with my paternal grandmother who I haven't seen in more than 30 years!

My grandmother passed away just a few weeks later, so I can't find words to express how grateful I am to have been able to reconnect with her.

May brought spring to Utah.
Also my grandson/great nephew had a long hospital stay, and I had a chance to be a good family member.

In June, I told how Pygmy Child almost met her untimely end to a wild animal!
I also talked about my love and grief for my beloved Little Man.

We went to a wedding and Little Man had ANOTHER surgery, but no overnight stay, thank goodness!

We also celebrated June Bug's first birthday!


July brought hot weather


I made Little Man a slideshow celebrating his 11th year.

August brought us our newest granddaughter, the Squid


Bald Man and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary! 6 children and 3 grandchildren, WOW!

In Sept I bought myself a new camera (A Nikon D60) and played with pixels!

We also took the boy camping which was..., um, okay.

In Oct I tortured my dog some more

And I went to two meet and greets and gained a bunch of dear bloggy friends! Mwah! You know who you are!

My mom got really sick, and scared the heck out of us, (thank goodness she is doing better) and we found out my young niece has cancer and won't be with us much longer. I am glad Oct is over.

November found me starting and successfully finishing Nablopomo! Yay for me! I also went to go for an all too short but reassuring visit with my mom and family. I also won Mission Monday!

December found me torturing my dog for your enjoyment in Hairy Christmas!
in California, enjoying the blessing of being loved by wonderful people and the torture of dealing with my autistic son in new surroundings. There were vultures

and ocean sunsets.

The very best part of Dec? Having these two for Christmas!

The year was far from perfect and I don't think I would ask to repeat it, but if you ask me, the year was filled with far more blessings than anything and I feel fortunate to be loved by so many wonderful people. And that my friends, includes you!

I don't make resolutions for the new year, I will just do my best to meet my challenges with courage and fortitude and to be tireless in counting my blessings. Thanks for being along for the ride, it makes it so much more fun when you are with me!

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The Boob Nazi said...

I bet your dog won't even LOOK at you anymore after those pictures....

Holly said...

Happy New year! I enjoyed reviewing your year again with you and can't believe how much of it happened this year, it seems like some of it was so long ago, and some just yesterday. You are such a good Mama and grandma. All of those little ones (and big) are so blessed to have you.

Kristina P. said...

Jo, I loved this post! I haven't been reading your post all year, so it was neat to hear about everything going on in your life.

Lana said...

Great post! I love the year in review post idea. Although, I'm too busy stuffing my face with chocolate to do one. Besides, wouldn't want to get any chocolate on the keyboard. Too emarassing getting caught by my kids licking the keyboard. ☺ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Annette said...

That comment that you posted on my blog made my day Jo!! I count you as one of my blessings too!! Here's to hoping we can get together lots in 2009!!

Jillene said...

OOPS!! I just commented as my friend Annette. She is here for a New Year's party and we just posted on her blog. SORRY!! The Annette comment id really from me--Jillene!! (0:

flowerchild said...

Wonderful blog sister, I missed it, Happy New Year to you and my bother-in-law!!!

Laura in L.A. said...

Jo, I never miss a post. I love all the pictures and I love hearing how your wonderful family is doing. You are inspiring, always. I hope that 2009 is your family's best year yet!

Love, Laura

K J and the kids said...

And it was great to meet you too.
I wish you would have had those cute grandbabies with you when you came though :)

I hope 2009 has the same amount of cuteness without the hospital parts.

Ambitious Blonde said...

You are so awesome. :)

Happy New Year, dear Jo!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

LOVE the photos of your dog! What else are pets for if not to dress them in outrageous outfits for our own enjoyment?

The photo from your wedding day was another favorite of mine. Congratulations on almost 30 years of marriage. Amazing!


Kyla said...

Much more succinct than my year end wrap up. I am SO glad that 2008 is over. 2009 is already so much more pleasant.