Friday, January 11, 2008

Fix-It Friday

I came up with an idea! I am declaring Fridays to be Fix-It Friday in blog land. I am having fun with something new I learned and decided I would share it, but I was thinking to myself, why, the blog world is filled with creative and clever people (you, of course, are completely included in that statement!) and we need to be able to share these things! Isn't that a great idea?
So here is what Fix-it Friday will look like. I know you guys know how to do a lot of amazing and wonderful things. Replace a door, run a power tool without cutting off any limbs, make bread, sew, html coding, take pictures, edit things, talk a reluctant toddler into doing something they don't really want to do, give a dog a pill, clean a spot or two, highlight hair, amazing and useful and creative things, things that might be boring and old hat to you, but are just brand new and wonderful to the rest of us. Please post a comment on my blog during the week, or email me, telling me what you will be showing us or just a intriguing title and then on Friday I will post a list on the front page linking to those blogs. I will also be begging some of my popular blog friends, (ahem, that means you Sue) to post links to Fix-it Friday too. While I was thinking about this, I thought to myself, "do I know enough things to post one a week?" Well if you include things like fun webpages, well, yes I do, and you do too! So don't feel like you have to personally do a whole demonstration of whatever thing you would like to share, a link to a website with a demo or idea is just as good! Come on peeps, OVERWHELM ME!

Here goes my first contribution to Fix-it Friday:
Lookie, lookie at what I made!!

In case you can't guess, I made two hats. One for June Bug and one for The Pea. I knitted them! I have been wanting to learn how to knit and boy howdy, if I can do this, I am guessing anyone can do it, because, so far NO ONE has been successful in teaching me how to knit or crochet, I just can't get the tension thing down.

You take these:


The round thing is a circular loom, the purple stuff is yarn and the lavender thing is called a loom pick. Just google circular loom, or run to your nearest hobby store, they are everywhere!
Step by step this is how it goes:
There is a sticky out post thing for you to wrap your yarn around.


You wrap the loose piece in a half hitch and then go BEHIND the post.


Wrap it once around the post and then go BEHIND again, til you have gone all the way around the loom.


I did it three times because I am going to do a ribbed stitch.

Then you take your loom pick

and reach down through the bottom loop of yarn on the first post.


Lift it up with the loom pick


Up and over the post


and put it behind the post, towards the inside of the loom. Yup you just leave it there.


And move on to all the other posts, doing the same thing, over and over. Until you get this!


Here is a video of how to do a purl stitch. (Watch closely and you can see Jack the dog's nose for a second)

It took no time at all for me to learn three different kinds of stitches and in a couple of hours, you could have this!

*Hat only, grand daughter NOT included.

Here are some more shots the Pea was willing to model for:




P.S. I made the pom pom too and I am just so dang proud of the hats I can hardly stand it.

Here is a link to the loom knitting goddess: Purling sprite, she has even been on DIY network and guess what? She is from Utah! Go Utah! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

There ya go, your first Fix-it Friday. What will you share next Friday???

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Gawdess said...

I enjoyed your post so much, and congratulations on the the loom knitting - it looks way more complicated than the two sticks and strings method that I use but your hats worked out so well - of course I would happily take the adorable grandchild but understand that you don't wish to part with her.
I also have been taking pictures lately so here is a link to that

K J and the kids said...

Even with the step by step it seems daunting to me :)
Nice hat ! said...

I am going to check out the looms. I am a sticks knitter, too, and the tension thing always gets me when I start blankets - the ends are always bunched and I can't seem to get it right! BUT!! Those adorable little hats would make perfect little "personal touch" gifts for my doula clients when I see them at their postpartum visit. :-) Major kudos!

I'll have to think about what I could contribute for Fix-It Fridays. It seems like I have a million projects going on right now, so maybe I will come up with a great organizational thingie. LOL

elizasmom said...

The hats are great — I love the yarn; it's gorgeous.

And I'm definitely in for Fix-it Friday. It will be something baking-related, that's for sure.

Stephen said...

Those are neat tools.

Makes you wonder why they weren't invented sooner.

Sue said...

Love the hats.

I would participate in Fix It Friday but I can't make ANYTHING. ANYTHING. I am the least crafty/handy person on the face of the freaking earth, seriously.