Monday, September 08, 2008

Camping Mountains

You know what? Autumn has arrived in the higher elevations! Complete with pretty fall leaves. See for yourself!

Camping was...okay. Some good, some bad. Little Man did not enjoy fishing. He also hated canoneing after about five minutes. You could never tell that from the picture though!

Little Man is a boy, without question. Throwing rocks in the lake.

Little Man's favorite part? The woodpile.

He found a rope and was able to wrangle himself some wild wood!

The moon at sunset and a bit later.

Little Man made a friend there and got to feed some horses. We also enjoyed some swimming until Little Man choked on some water and threw up in the pool. Then everyone had to get out of the pool. The other families there were soooo nice! They were very patient and understanding with Little Man, and that part was wonderful. Our boy was foul and impossible at times and by far and away the most difficult camper present. But, that did not stop the staff and the other families from being great with him.
The worst part for me was the night time. I am going to show you what happened. When we hook Little Man up for his night feeds it is supposed to look like this:

See that little cap (also called a med port) to your right? It is supposed to be closed like that.

BUT! Bald Man forgot to close the med port so it looked like this:

Know what happened? The sleeping bag Little Man and I were sharing got fed. Little Man's entire feeding went onto Little Man and the sleeping bag and some on me. His formula is sticky and stinky. Waking up cold, wet and without extra blankets and trying to be quiet so we don't wake up the other people in the cabin was, um, interesting. We managed to kind of mickey mouse another sleeping arrangement. Bald Man slept on and under the towels we brought and Little Man and I used Bald Man's sleeping bag instead. Bald Man felt bad, but I told him it wasn't a big deal. And it wasn't. Just one of those things.
Probably the biggest indicator that the trip wasn't a complete disaster? I am totally willing to do it again sometime. Not soon, like next week, but next summer for sure.

Here is my son with his two girls!

And here is our Squid at 12 days. Stay tuned, I have some interesting photo ideas I will be trying out in the next few weeks while Squidly is still tiny and cooperative.

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Jillene said...

I am glad you had a good time on your camping trip. I am equally glad that the families and workers were so kind to Little Man! What a releif for you! I love the pictures--it looks beautiful. I LOVE fall--it is my favorite time of year!

Adam and Kristina said...

I'm glad it wasn't a complete disaster! Your entire family is gorgeous.

3D said...

So glad to hear that the camping trip went well, for the most part. Looks like you found a good group to camp with. They are apparently very good with special needs, so that's awesome. Little Man looked like he was having fun in all the pics.

As usual the pics are gorgeous and so are the babies!! (the sons not half bad either-lol)

K J and the kids said...

You always seem to find some sunshine.
I don't know how with wet sleeping bags and puke but you do.

Caustic Cupcake said...

That's awesome! He's probably going to be talking about the trip for a long time, if not forever. You guys are so resourceful and adaptable; I would have been tempted to cry if I woke up covered in formula with no extra blankets.

Furthermore, those arej some cute grandbabies.

Amber said...

YAY!! I'm glad the campout was a success. Every kid should have the opportunity to go camping. I'm glad you found a place to facilitate that.

Congrats on the grandbaby! She's adorable. I LOVE the stripes. My personal fave.

Sheri said...

So much fun . . .sticky . . . but fun! Congrats on making it through the weekend.

Jami said...

Gorgeous pictures.

I'm glad you had the gumption to camp with Little Man. He'll have great memories.

I always hated part of every camping trip when I was young, but I look back with fondness on the experiences now. Blisters, burns, sand and all.

elizasmom said...

I'm glad Little Man's camping adventure went (mostly) well. And the grandbabies are very, very cute!

Rychelle said...

sorry i've been slacking on my stalker responsibilites! i've been out of town, but i'm back now and am totally prepared to stalk whole heartedly!
the camping trip looks like a lot of fun. i LOVE camping!
i don't think i will be able to make kristina's meet n greet in october. you all live too far away! but, we'll see. i do have a stalking reputation to live up to. =)

Susie said...

But Little Man got his wish to go camping and it wasn't a complete disaster. Would he do it again? That is the question. Squid is adorable. I can't wait to see more pictures of her