Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Every Day

Every day is bringing improvement in Little Man. We had a doctor's appt today, and the doc said just to watch the swelling in his hand and arm and if it gets worse, then of course call him. But at this point it didn't seem infected. Big sigh of relief there.
Another huge sigh of relief that this kid finally pooped! Yay, with no huge outburst or anything. He slept well last night, his behavior has been great, his teachers are amazed. He isn't talking as slow and his ability to walk is improving every day. He even sorta ran, well walked quickly today and mounted the steps to the apartment without looking like he was going to fall down or needing me to help him.
He is still drooling some, still tremoring, still very clumsy in his movements. Oh and this is day number 10 without formula. Yesterday's total calorie intake? 2 chicken nuggets, 3 spoonfuls of pudding and some apple juice. That's it. But that is not an extreme emergency yet. We have a call into his GI doc and we shall deal with it as it needs to be.
But overall? Improving, every single day. It is great and I am feeling much more like he will be able to totally recover from the Thorazine Debacle. And the psych? Let's just say we won't be seeing him anymore! We will be seeing the one Little Man started seeing while he was inpatient.
I guess I am feeling like perhaps I shall recover from this too. I am feeling more hopeful, less worried, less stressed. Breathing deep again.

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Klynn said...

You are amazing, Jo. I know when stuff like that happens, you just take it one day, moment, or second at a time. Maybe switching psych Dr's is just what LM needs. Here's to continued improvement. [lifts cup of diet coke]