Wednesday, September 06, 2006

He Slept!

Little Man slept, Bald Man slept and your bloggy friend, Jo, slept too. We were the sleeping house last night. The Thorizine knocked Little Man's socks off and he was asleep within the hour after taking it. The falling asleep part was hard, being an anti psychotic it lowers the seizure threshold, so two Ativan later, Little Man had stopped seizing and was tucking into bed. I joined him for a good part of the night, he was a bit out of it and kept trying to get out of bed. But with me there, he just snuggled up and he and I enjoyed a VERY restful night. I woke up before he did and now he has joined Bald Man and they are both sawing logs. My tired boys. So today we breathe and see if it works again tonight. If it does, we have bought us some much needed time and an ability to readjust Little Man's meds to work better for him.
Little Man and I are going to be going to his new school today and visiting his new classroom. Depending on the paperwork status, he should be starting soon. I had to get really mad yesterday to make it happen, they were saying in a week or two! Pish Posh, how ridiculous to deny my child his schooling for their convenience!
Thank you for everything you have said. Each comment a treasure, and a comfort. Your words of wisdom, even while they bring tears to my eyes, are a balm to my hurting heart.
We shall see how this week plays out. Today though, today I am starting my day with a good nights sleep and today, the sun is shining, outside and in. Thank you.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Jenny said...

Horay for sleep!
Horay for Thorazine!
Horay for angry mommies!
Horay the school pulling their heads out of their arses!

Today is a good day.

Sugar Pixie said...

Oh my goodness, how it all comes together at once! I'm doing my happy dance over here. Good for you!

Granny said...

What Jenny said. Keep on being angry. Sometimes it's the only thing that works.

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

A week or two? SURE! Why not! What is a week or two to these people? A day seems like a month to an exhausted, bruised and frantic mommy with an out-of-control lil guy who needs to be in a structured school program, like, NOW! GRRRRRRR!

Yes...sometimes mad is all people will understand. The squeaking wheel gets the grease, but things could have been handled so much better.

Anyway, your words have let us know you can feel the love sent your way. Anxious to hear how Little Man makes out in school, so will be checking here every day from now on.