Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The doctor came by. (In hospital speak, it is called rounds, or the doctor rounded). They are worried about his level of pain and because the surgery was so late yesterday, we don't get to go home until tomorrow. We really have to stay on top of his pain meds, but when he first gets them, it is so wonderful and he will be interactive and cute. Then they wear off and he gets foul and mean. The surgery site looks great and he already has had more calories since last night than he usually gets in three or four days. Wow! Good stuff. I have run away for some lunch and computer time. I slept more last night, which is great, but not enough, so that part isn't the best. I am going in search of some highly caffeinated beverage now. Thanks for all the lurve, it feels so wonderful. Hugs back to all of ya.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Granny said...

Just read back through your last few posts.

Poor little guy. I hope they can keep the pain down. I get grumpy when I hurt too.

Sorry I've been absent. Something about this nasty cold has made it difficult to read much at a stretch.

Gawdess said...

Sorry you are stuck there this night again, hoping it is as peaceful as possible.

Azul said...

Sorry you're spending an extra night.

I was at the Place for Sick Kids earlier, picking up some pharmacy stuff for Chico. I thought about asking if I could stop and say hello to you, but I thought you'd be busy checking out today.

Darn the missed opportunity! Ah well, I'm still sending you good thoughts from up North anyway.

Mongoose said...

Yay for calories!