Friday, January 25, 2008

It Is Fix-it Friday Again!

You might think I am silly, but you can't believe how much I am enjoying fix-it Fridays. I think and think about what I am going to put up and I just about get giddy thinking about what other people are going to share too! It is true, I am easily amused, but still, fix-it Friday is a big favorite of mine right now.

Katie , from A View from the hill shows us how to make these spinner, helicopter craft from paper, with a free pattern! (She had me at free pattern) Great for any age from 5 to to I won't grow up and adults can have fun too.

Eliza's Mom's beautiful and talented sous chef is back for a sequel in the Best Appetizer Ever!

There are TWO, yes TWO ways you can participate in Fix-it Friday. First, you can think of something you would like to share. Any bit of knowledge, anything you love to do, any website that has taught you something, feel free to drop me either an email, lakotajo2 at msn dot com, or in the comment box and I will put you up front and center on Fix-it Friday AND I will send some loving your way.
Two, please drop by the links and take a look at what someone decided they wanted to share with YOU! Yes YOU! You are the center of the universe, come on, admit it and this post was written for you. So go on over and give some love to our talented participants.

Fix-it Friday

HTML coding. What do you know about HTML coding? If you already know, then feel free to skip on to my linky goodness! HTML coding is what you tell the computer to display on the internet. If you have a blog, then sites like Blogger and Typepad use html to "code" what you have written. It begins with a set of brackets <> and ends with the same brackets and a slash This tells the computer where to stop and start. So you want a different color for your sentence? How about aquamarine? or how about Or maybe blue? There are thousands of colors to choose from. Ever wondered how to do a streakout strikeout? My favorite html trick is to have my links pop up in a new window so you don't have to backspace to get to back to the original page.
It is super easy, really truly. I am quite the novice at html, but I really enjoy doing it. Probably because I can tell it what to do and it does it as long as I input the info correctly. Unlike my children, which is a losing battle trying to get them to do anything!
From now on, when I use the html coding, I will put a big @ in the front and back so you can see it. If I didn't, the internet would not be able to tell the difference and would hide the html code and do what I said, instead of just showing you!
You use this code to change the color: <@FONT style="color:######;">type what you want to see here<@/FONT> (copy and paste the text, remove the @ from the "sentence" and put in the color code you want) Here is the basic color code list . For the basic list, you can use the name, like aquamarine, or the number like 7FFFD4 instead of the ######.
<> these brackets tell the internet where to start, and the brackets plus the slash tell it where to stop.< / >
I am hoping I am not too confusing. But even if I am, I am leaving you my links to my very favorite HTML tutorials, so you too can learn how to code and be all snotty proud you know how to use HTML!
Personally, since I seem to be unwilling to memorize all the html coding I use, I got to my favorite site, copy and paste into blogger and then add the text and/or links I want to use. Lazy? Yes. But also very accurate, so I am not going back and looking for mistake when I hit preview and it isn't doing what I asked it to do.

Linky Goodness: Both of the next two sites have step by step tutorials to teach you how to use HTML coding.
Visit W3Schools!

This next one, click on the link, scroll down the page until you get to Basic HTML: Introduction, that link and the next six will take you through a step by step tutorial in coding.
HTML Primer

There are lots more tutorials and books available. If you have any favorites, please share! I gave you two that are easy for me to navigate. Good luck with your very own html coding!

***Update on the State of the Boy*** His good mood continues. Normally I would be concerned that his laughter was the beginning of a manic state, but he continues to be just easier to deal with, more reasonable and altogether a different child. Smiles and laughter continue much to our delight. Wow. Breaks my heart to think that basically starving (under 500 calories a day) was a part of his foulness. We shall see, we shall see. I don't want to say the Fat Lady is singing, but I do believe she is starting her warm up here at Casa De Tangled.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Maggie said...


I just caught up on everything going on with the boy. I so hope that this g-tube not only provides him with all the nutrients he needs, but also continues to improve his mood and demeanor. He deserves (and you deserve) pieces of happiness.

Thanks for your comment regarding TD, by the way. That link was helpful!

elizasmom said...

I certainly don't discount your heartbreak over the fact that Little Man has been such a handful in part because he was starving, but the positive thing about this is that you have not only addressed his very real nutritional needs, you seem to have found an unanticipated solution to an emotional/behavioral problem too. I am glad for all of you that it has turned out that way!

Tammy and Parker said...

I'm thrilled to see that your guy is doing better. I hope the g-tube continues to work well.

And thanks for the tutorial!

Tammy and Parker

Granny said...

Thanks for telling me about the @ sign. Sometimes the simplest things throw me.