Thursday, January 03, 2008

Robert Burns Was Right

The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry
Ah yes, my plans of yesterday. I needed to drive Princess to work and after I did that, I was on my way to take myself out to lunch, with plans to have a tryst with my pillow afterward. I pulled into the parking lot at Red Lobster and my cell phone rang. It was girlfriend, she needed a babysitter. It was important. Ah well, I wasn't really doing anything anyway, was I? Nope, not really. And besides, spending time all by myself with my June Bug isn't exactly torture, as you can tell.




And the last one, which is titled, Gimme That Camera Grandma!

And my promise to not call any doctors? I kept my promise, but that didn't include telling the Universe to NOT have anyone call me. Dr. Very Nice, Little Man's GI called and well, if you have a doctor call, you better take it. It wasn't like I could say, "Um, I decided I wasn't having any medical discussions today, please call me back tomorrow." So the plan is for Little Man to be admitted on the 14th, with the placement of the PICC line that day, and the surgery for his G tube on the 15th. Poor Lil guy, that means he will not be allowed to eat or drink for two days in a row. Not that he eats much, but he really enjoys the room service at the Sick Kids Hospital, and he isn't exactly a person you can reason with, so it will be fun, fun, fun for me!
Today, I have plans for shopping, so we shall see if anything comes up to discombobulate my schemes.
For your viewing enjoyment, the latest addition to the family. I will have to come up with a blog name for her, but for now, she is just the new baby. 8lbs, 12 oz! Good sized. Niece ended up with a c-sec after more than 24 hours of labor and no progress.


See the owie on her forehead? The doctor CUT her head when he was doing the c-sec. Good thing I am not around or I would have smacked him for that! She is darling and I wish with all my heart I was there to cuddle her.

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Yondalla said...

I recall writing a post about a day that was supposed to be all relaxation and turned out to be nothing but...

it happens.

The grandbabies are so cute. I want grandbabies. I don't want any of my sons to have children yet, but I want someone near me to have a baby that I can visit and then give back, you know?

Nicki Mann said...

Aw, both of those babies are adorable!

elizasmom said...

OMG her doctor CUT her?! Man, if that isn't every paranoia I've ever had about C-sections confirmed RIGHT THERE. Yikes.

Still, owie or no, you all have yourself yet another cutie patootie, there.

Hope you got to do your scxheduled shopping today!

Ambitious Blonde said...

If the ones my co-workers keep making were as cute as they are, I wouldn't be wishing for one of them to get a puppy.

Because those? Are some CUTE babies. :)

K J and the kids said...

Sorry about your day off. NEVER answer your phone. Well unless it's the nice doctor.
I can't believe they cut her forehead with the C-section. I've never heard of that !
Cute baby ! TONS of hair.

Sue said...

Squeeeeeeal! Brand new tiny baby - so cute! But just looking at her makes me tired.

June Bug is outrageously cute, as ever.

You were naughty, but in a very nice Jo way...

Jessi Louise said...

The new baby is precious! That is very scary that the dr. cut her right on the face! Sheesh!