Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Do You Want To Know What I am Doing Today???

Nuthin' I don't feel like doin'! Ha! I feel like I have been let out of prison, set free, taught to fly, emancipated, gotten my first drivers license, turned 21, ran away from home, all rolled into one!
Little Man has left the building, as in gone to school. Do you realize this is my first break in 20 days? That is almost 3 weeks of complete servitude to a wretched little despot. I have only until the 14th to enjoy it, but that is the next 12 days, minus the sundays, which actually only makes it 10 days, but hey, it is 10 days! Where in I have hours, HOURS people to call my own. To take a shower without having to stragically plan the time. To sit on the toidy, knowing I can leisurely finish my ahem, book, or magazine, to take a nap, should I wish to, go shopping, watch a movie, or anything, anything at all my heart desires. I am just giddy with the thought of it all. What shall I do today? Take myself to lunch? Maybe. Go shopping? Maybe. Take myself to a movie? Maybe. Take a nap? Almost certainly. Finish "T is for Trespass"? Perhaps.
I shall do as I wish. Today, I give myself a free pass from Dr. phone calls, or anything else that is needing to be done. I refuse to do anything I don't sincerely wish to do. And look at that, YOU are at the top of my list. Consider yourselves loved!
Little Man got his first shower and with relief he is drinking the same amount of his formula he was before, about 8 to 12 oz. Only about 350 calories, but that doubles his calories if he also decides he is going to eat some Mac and cheese with a hot dog.
P.S. Niece update. Laboring still, but coming along nicely.

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Azul said...

Enjoy your time. You've certainly earned it.

Miss Melissa said...

What I said when I dropped off Son of Blonde this manana: "Bye, honey! Have a good day at school! I love you!"

What I was thinking when I dropped off SOB this morning: "Get out. Of my car. Now."


Jenny said...

Ahhh, the Calgon fairy has smiled upon you.

elizasmom said...

Yay! I forbid you to do anything productive! Unless polishing your toenails and eating chocolate counts as productive in your book.

Yondalla said...

Oh...congratulations and enjoy!

TheOneTrueSue said...

Hooray! Finally, you get a little break. I'm so happy for you.

K J and the kids said...

aaaaaaaahhhhhh. I feel relaxed just READING your blog.
Enjoy it !

Funny you would mention turning 21 as a big deal. It wouldn't be to you as you wouldn't partake in any of the fun 21 brings :) ha ha
but I love that you mention it !!

Bored in Vernal said...

You deserve it, babe.
And the pic of the new little one is ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

when i m feel not good then i remembered my mamma because she was not with me but always with me i love a girl she is beautiful she love me more & more she know i missed mamma very much so she love me like as mamma she respect my owners so i everyday some minute spend with mamma & my love