Monday, January 14, 2008

Here We Are

Yes, we are here. We are on a different floor than we usually go to and boy am I impressed! They have a playstation in his room! Instead of just the fold out chair thingy, they have a couch thing instead. I understand it is much more comfortable. Although I am sure I will spend the night in his bed, and really it is the most comfy.
We got here at 1 as we were commanded, but much to everyone's frustration he wasn't on the list. I got to see Dr. Very Nice get rather frustrated. Poor boy he didn't get into the room to get his PICC line until like 5! Wouldn't be so bad except he wasn't allowed to eat or drink that whole time, poor thing.He was pretty much beside himself w/ the procedure and I felt so bad for him. He has done much better since he got back and hopefully he will go to sleep soon. He has his g tube surgery at 3:30 tomorrow. If you are local and want to drop in just email me. We will be here through Weds it looks like.
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