Friday, August 22, 2008


The waiting is killing me! And now I have TWO things that are killing me with all this waiting. First, of course, we have the Girlfriend and the Squid. She called a couple of hours ago and said her water was leaking and should she go in. Being a cautious retired midwife, I said, go! But, they haven't called. I am on the labor support team, so I am supposed to be there. BUT, they could have decided either she wasn't far enough along to warrant the team getting called out, OR, they decided they can do it on their own, which is fine with me too. I am all about the mom and dad getting what they want.
And to answer K and J's question about catching my own grandbaby, nope. Girlfriend's mom is a nurse, so she isn't into the homebirth thing, and I want to be able to actually pay attention to the new grandbaby when she gets here. If I were catching, I spend far too much brain time checking on vitals for mom and babe to actually be emotionally involved in the birth. So even for my homeborn grandbabies, (I am hoping there will be a few!) I don't plan on catching.
Second, my sister called and said there is a largish check in the mail for me from a very unexpected inheritance! I am dying here folks! A grandbaby and money on the same day!! Of course my mail doesn't arrive til later and my granddaughter either. What a day! Whoo hooo all around. If I drank, this round would be on me. Instead, go buy some Sparkling Cider and later, after Squid and the check arrive, we will all celebrate!

6 Kids Who Want To Play:

Kristina P. said...

Unexpected inheritance! How do I get me one of those?

Unknown said...

Well I drink so this rounds on me!!!
Money and a new baby - dayum! could things be any rosier for you right now - i think not.

K J and the kids said...

You could catch the baby in the hospital. With the watchfull eye of a doctor of course :) no malpractice suits here.

MONEY ??? WHAT ??? I can't WAIT to hear.

bon said...


I hope for your sake that "largish check" means "LARGISH CHECK!"

A baby, well... well and sound works for the baby they sorta speak for themselves.

Holly said...

Awesome day, sounds like it couldn't be much better. HOpe you get your call soon.

Amber said...

So if I were to get pregnant would you catch mine?