Monday, August 18, 2008

Mountain Monday in August

I am blogging during my escape from insanity. Little Man's summer program is over and I have a WEEK, a WEEK people, until school starts. It isn't so much that he is more than I handle. I can, and we even have fun together. It is just that he is soooo time consuming. He pretty much needs one on one supervision at all times. He can play in his room unsupervised, but even then, I don't know when he is going need me. I hate being interrupted when I am trying to do a project, so I don't like to start stuff, so then I won't get upset when he needs me. Does that make sense? But he still has his afterschool program, so I have 3 hours of peace. And look at that, I am choosing to spend it with you! Don't ya feel special?

Girlfriend, Princess and I took the Littles to the county fair. We had a good time. Little Man had some unpleasant moments, but he had fun, which is what is important. I got hit on by a carnie! Can we all say ewwwww! He had boobs! And long hair! Not my type. But it was funny. Bald Man has no worries.
Pea did NOT enjoy the itty bitty roller coaster. Little Man loved it! This pic was taken of the Pea before the ride started!


Large slide with burlap sacks


June Bug was scared horribly by the piggies. We are bad people, cause we thought it was funny!


The pony ride on the other hand, was a big hit with all three of the youngsters!


The petting zoo part got three thumbs up from the kidlets.




I took a pic of this sheepie, cause it was wearing a purple coat! Who knew there were sheep coats? Not me!

Guess who turned 3???


Here she is, all blinged out!


A conversation this morning with the Pea and myself.
P:Bam maw, when I get bigger, I will have a LONG neck.
M: You will?
P:Yes and spots, I will be a giraffe!

It has been three months since Little Man's last button change, so that was on the list of things needing to be done this weekend. Here is his pretty new one, inflated so I can check it for leaks. Posted for the curious.


I deflate the old button, pull it out, lube up the new one, slip it in the stoma, (hole) and then re inflate it. I do it when he is asleep, he hardly stirs. Much less traumatic than his haircuts!

I do believe that catches you up on the last week. One more week til school starts, one more week til school starts... my new mantra....

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Yondalla said...

It makes perfect sense and I am delighted you chose to spend your precious time with us.

Sheri said...

Ack! I have one rule.. . I do not ride on anything that can be folded up and loaded onto a truck.

Glad you had fun!

bon said...

Not daring to start projects so that you don't get upset when you have to quit cuz the kids needs you? Geesh... story of my LIFE!

Adam and Kristina said...

I feel sort of apathetic about school starting. I don't have kids, but I work at a receiving center for youth, run by the County, and most of the kids we get in are for school-related issues. So it's dead during the summer.

It's nice sometimes, but honestly, I could be busier and be fine with it. Although, I don't want to get too busy so I can't read blogs! ;)

And Junebug is adorable!

Mongoose said...

Are those sheep coats spandex? That's just cruel.

Maybe you could crochet. Even a ripple afghan takes a few days to complete at best, so it doesn't matter much if you have to put it down at random times to go do something else. It's been my sanity life-line for a while now. :)

K J and the kids said...

Looks like loads of fun.

I thought of the movie "The Jerk" when you spoke of your Carnie love affair. Now all you need is a ukulele on the beach and the mood is set !
SOOO sweet ! :)

Maggie said...

I so know what you mean about starting projects when you know you're going to be interrupted. And Slugger doesn't require nearly the supervision that Little Man does.

It looks like the county fair was fun. I just love seeing those grins on Little Man's face.

elizasmom said...

If they're going to need coats, why not just leave the original wool on the sheep? That is my question.

And: Happy Birthday to Pea!!

Deb said...


Holly said...

Hoping the days pass quickly for you until school starts.

So glad the kids had fun at the fair. Have to admit I would have thought the Piggie fear was funny too.

Can't believe the Pea is THREE!

Jessica G. said...

Ya know, those mountains are a big reason why I love living here...get to see a lovely one out my kitchen window.