Monday, August 11, 2008

Wild Mountains!

Well, I guess you might call the mountains wild, since they are not tame, but I really meant is the animals in the zoo by the City near and named after the Great lake of stink, brine flies and sea monkeys. First mountains, then the zoo and a call to repentance!
The mountains seem to be pretty much the same week after week lately. Except for times when there is so much pollution you can hardly see them. BUT, at the same time, they are uniformly beautiful!

Pretty huh?

June Bug LOVES lasagna, as you can see:

And we went to the zoo last week! I am having a tough time picking out just a few pictures to share, cause we had a great time. Little Man and the Pea agreed they both wanted to ride the train first. Whew. No fights there.

The bump has a blog name now! Introducing my grand daughter, Squid. Wiggly child. 3 weeks til we get to meet her!

The Pea was thrilled that there were "gatorades"!!

Baby gatorade!

Girlfriend was very proud of this pic of a rhino rear end, so I had to post it for her!

We all had fun and everyone came home really tired.

Now, a call to repentance! For Eliza's mom and Coach B, if I don't get some addresses confirming your winner status, I will give your Almond Roca to Holly and Jill!
Keep reading my blog for a future contest involving more of Jo's famous and begged for, Almond Roca.
And I have a new girl blog crush, who asked for a special shout out. Mwah, This one is for you,Kristina of Pulsipher Predilections! She is also now added to my blog roll. I am glad she didn't turn tail and run away after I left her a comment about poo on her last blog post. She is new here and I lost my all about my family side bar when I moved to my new digs. She is unaware of how much Little Man's poo rules our lives. But she will find out, if she sticks around, won't she class???? bwwwwaaahhaaahhaa!!!

9 Kids Who Want To Play:

Adam and Kristina said...

Well, Jo, this is SUCH a surprise! I mean, completely out of the blue! Thanks for adding me. I feel so special!

And since I pretty much started the poo conversation, you can definitely stick around.

Gawdess said...

no wonder you had trouble picking out just a few pix, they are all GREAT!
loved seeing the family at the zoo and Girlfriend should be proud of the rhino butt, I am just saying!

K J and the kids said...

She's due in 3 weeks ? Are you KIDDING ME ! Oh how it would be to have a tiny little belly.
I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than she is post delivery.

I see the carousel is open now.
Looks like a lot of fun !

elizasmom said...

Ack! I completely missed the last part, where I won free food! (I got lost in your archives r.e. the dirty duckie — I had forgotten, haha!)

Verily, I repent, email is on the way!

Deb said...

the mountains are beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as the chitlins! those are great pics. as usual!

Jenny said...

Gatorades HA!

Jill said...

Such cute pictures of the kids!
I am so impressed that you took them to the zoo. I thought about taking my kids there but decided that it was too hot, and there are too many hills to climb, besides, if they want to see animals, we can just look at the photos that you just posted!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Gatorades. GATORADES! Love. It. :)

I'd be pretty proud of capturing a picture of a rhino rump, too. Also, those are some seriously adorable childrens and grandchildrens (and girlfriends! She's so LITTLE!) you have there. :)

Holly said...

Those babies are too cute. And gatorades! How precious is that?