Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sabbath Story

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Lessons From A Child

A few years ago we had gone to church with my nephew and his family. His twin sons were being given their blessings. In our Church, new babies are introduced into the Church with a name and a blessing, given usually by their father and other male friends and family. The men stand in a circle in the front of the congregation to hold the baby and give them their blessing. In this particular circle stood a young man with shoulder length, wavy, brown, hair and a beard and mustache. Little Man, being about 5, was standing on the pew and spotted the young man. He said, loudly, "look mommy, it's Jesus!" and proceeded to climb off the bench with the intent to run up the front of the church to where "Jesus" was.
A simple mistake, but a precious lesson.
Which of us, knows what my son knows? You see Christ. You run to Him. Fully expecting a welcome by your Savior. There was no doubt in Little Man's mind that Jesus was expecting him and would scoop him up in arms of love. The reality of Jesus is no story in my son's mind. He is real and His love is always present. A good sabbath thought to ponder today. Should you wonder, remember the faith of a child.
At the end of the service, Little Man was still pretty sure that was Jesus, but took the young man's word he wasn't. Someday Little Man, someday.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Adam and Kristina said...

That's hilarious. It's so amazing how many children know exactly what he looks like.

My brother sort of looks like Jesus right now. Or one of the original apostles, for that matter. It's actually disturbing.

K J and the kids said...

What a sweet story !

When my boys smile in their sleep I always wonder if it's Jesus who makes them so happy :) maybe he's a regular stand up comedian.

bon said...

That's a beautiful story... and a good Sabbath thought.

Holly said...

I love the simple, pure faith of a child. We often wonder what "our" kids understand of our faith and sometimes we're reminded they are often closer to HIM than we are. Thanks for sharing.