Friday, August 01, 2008

What Happened to the Music?

There is music along with the slide show. I want you to hear it, because I picked the song out very specifically for my boy. I will post a link instead.
My Amazing Boy

And in case you are either a sucker, or want to see the long version of my first slideshow, here is another link!
Longer one

The very first time I heard that song, I KNEW, in my deepest heart that I needed to use that song for a slideshow. Little Man struggles every day, under burdens that would make the rest of us crumple. Instead of whining about it, this amazing young man picks up his life every single day and strives to do his best. I think of him, 8 hours old, abandoned in the hospital, his small body wracked with withdrawals, and it makes me want to weep. I watch him every day, doing his best, being a miracle, and I want to cheer. He inspires me, he motivates me beyond what I think I am capable of. He really is amazing. Enjoy.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Deb said...

oh so much better with the music. :)

you are the first to know. i just finished a really good visit with chris. we kept it light, no serious stuff. it was nice and i am so glad he came. just wanted to let you know.
now if i could just wrangle a visit with lorelai when/if she comes to town for her birthday - 11 days from now.....oh god, please.

Gawdess said...

jo- i did listen to it - it is beautiful - as were all the pictures - happ birthday to your miracle boy !

needlefelter2 said...

Love it with the music. Great song