Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mid Week Murmurings

Sometimes you have bad days, sometimes you have bad weeks. I think this is a bad week. I was going to say nothing BIG happened that was awful, but I remembered and then that would be a lie. So, big things and small. Mostly small. Foul little boys that I love with my whole heart, screamage at night, (not my own) and NOT enough chocolate or sleep. I suppose I could take care of that one today and I shall.
So the BIG ugly.
Just a few weeks ago, Bald Man and I decided to bite the bullet and get a smaller car. We haven't had a car payment in years and it is hard thing to swallow again. BUT, Bald Man's HUGE 8 banger work van was eating 160$ a WEEK in gas folks! That is a lot of dough. So we thought if we had Bald Man use my 6 banger Venture van for work and get me a small little 4 cylinder, we could use the money we saved in gas for the car payment. So I got me my Scarlet. Tiny, red Honda. Tues night, she got hit. It was the other person's fault, I was traveling on the main road, my light was green, the other driver decided she didn't have to wait til traffic cleared to turn left and well, poor Scarlet. They do say in an accident to make sure you get the other person's license. I did.

Scarlet is still drivable, although the driver's door is creaky, and it isn't the end of world, but you add it on top of other unpleasant goings on and really folks, I want to curl up in my bed and do nothing for like 3 days!
Tuesday Little Man had a visit with his shrink, Dr. Ruby, and well, as most appointments are with him, not very fun. We are messing a bit with his meds to try and lift the veil of foul that descended on our boy about 97% of the time. We are being very, very careful, but still, it scares me a bit. As I said, aside from my poor Scarlet's injuries, nothing big, but even though the house isn't flooded with raw sewage, the bits of poo that keep dropping on me are unpleasant, none the less. I think I shall go be nice to myself, so you don't have to listen to me whine anymore!

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bon said...

Ew... very explicit image, what with the raw sewage and bits of poo.

Yup.. chocolate is the unofficial answer to everything.

Rychelle said...


i am going through the EXACT SAME THING. i, too, was recently in an accident. same thing happened to me. the other person did not yeild to me when she was making a left. my car (daisyblu) is in the shop. has been there for almost three weeks.
then, it's been one tiny headache after another since then.
i'm sorry to hear it's happening to you too!
i've been having a hard time seeing the positive in my life right now. but i know it's there. and now i know i'm not the only one going through it.
somehow that helps a little (although i'm sorry to hear you're going through it!)
anyway, you're not alone!
find some chocolate. and i'll find some chocolate.

Maggie said...

Oh, how frustrating. I just got a new care in January and I still treat it like a baby. I'd be so upset it if got banged up.

Good luck with the med changes. It's so nerve-wracking to work through medication issues. Hopefully you'll find the right mix.

Deb said...

I am sorry your having a bad week, really I am...

but I am laughing my freakin arse off about the license plate comment. you kill me, you really do.

K J and the kids said...

What is that sticking out of scarlet ?
Poor girl. I hope she gets fixed up in no time at all.
(glad you are ok)

Good luck with the tweaking of the meds. I've heard that is the hardest part of the process. Once you get it all worked out, it has to be changed up again !

Yondalla said...

ah hun, I'm sorry about your pretty little car.

Have some chocolate.

Jillene said...

So sorry about sweet Scarlet! It amazes me that people think they can do whatever, whenever when they are in their car. Uugghh!!

You need to drown your sorrows in chocolate! Chocolate makes everything seem better--even if it's just for a while!

Adam and Kristina said...

I am giving you cyber-hugs right now. I haven't had a really awful week in a long time, but this one started off very sad for me. I really had to stop and reflect on everything positive in my life, including you and all my blog friends!

elizasmom said...

What Deb said — I had a genuine LOL at your license plate comment. God bless you for keeping a sense of humor under the circumstances! I hope you at least get your hands on some chocolate soon.

Torina said...

I hope your week turns around and gets less pooey.

Susie said...

Oh no! And on a new car. That really stinks. I am glad you are okay, I am not glad that Scarlet is injured.

Jessica G. said...

Okay, as much as it sucks that you got hit, I laughed seeing the license plate sticking out! :)

Jami said...

So sorry about your cruddy week. I decided I'd been being a bit too down lately and had to go back three weeks to find something really good that had happened. But it was very good so that helped.

Cars. Not my favorite subject this week. My advice? Get more chocolate and get more sleep. That combo can fix a lot of troubles.