Monday, September 15, 2008

Mountain Monday and More Pics!

The Mountains are monotanously beautiful right now. If you look really close, which you probably can't, because I didn't take any closeups, you can see some color changes on the flanks of this branch of the Rocky Mountain range. After our little scuffle with snow a few weeks ago, it has been just pretty darn warm here!

Jack the dog, being tortured.

Jack is such a good sport and he really likes getting treats after.

Little Man at the Autism Carnival. He is obsessed with Star Wars, so this part was his very favorite.

You know what was awesome about being at the carnival? Everyone was so cool with Little Man, no matter what he did. It was okay to do one thing over and over and over again. They were all used to the kids doing that, so it was just nice to be somewhere where Little Man was not the odd child.

They had so many fun things to do, the Pea had a GREAT time!

Today I got to tend my littlest sweetie, so I had fun trying out one of my new ideas. Hope you enjoy them!

16 Kids Who Want To Play:

Adam and Kristina said...

Those pictures are adorable! I'm thinking that next time, you should do a whole baby Moses theme, and put the basket in a river, with you dressed like Cleopatra. Could totally work.

Mongoose said...

Well I'm so glad you had a day of Little Man not being the odd one out. I don't know if I can relate, but I think I can, in a remote way. Anyway.

I also wanted to say I'm enjoying this new trend in baby pictures. And I've never said that about anyone else's baby pictures. :) Baby art is much cooler than the average "look, a baby!" pictures. :) Keep up the good work!

K J and the kids said...

that you caught her smiling is awesome !!! She's GORGEOUS and I love the picture idea.

Glad he had fun at the carnival.

bon said...

OK... so the carnival looked pretty cool, but you are KILLING ME with the baby pics! GAGGGHK!

Jessica G. said...

A baby that smiles in her sleep??? Now that's a total cuteness overload!

Caustic Cupcake said...

If you were trying to kill me with the cuteness, you succeeded, because when I saw those pics of the baby I died.

So glad Little Man had a great time!

Ambitious Blonde said...

How is it that your family makes such incredibly gorgeous children? And those pictures! I think you have a calling, dear Jo. :)

Also, I love it when Boy Wonder isn't the "odd kid out". It's like Christmas, tax refund day and chocolate all rolled into one.

Kristine said...

Oh my, those baby pictures are adorable!! She is gorgeous!

Yondalla said...

Beautiful mountains
Beautiful baby

Rychelle said...

i LOVE it when the quakies start to change color!
we don't have that here in the desert, so i'm super envious.

Holly said...

How cute is that! She is simply adorable.

So glad that Little Man had a good time at the carnival. How wonderful to have that experience.

Jillene said...

I love fall and the changing colors--it is my FAVORITE time of the year!

The Carnival looks fantastic! I am jealous of Little Man--I wish I could have my picture taken with Darth Vader!

I LOVE LOVE the pictures! You are really talented! I wish you lived closer so you could take cute candid shots of my kids--the candid ones are the BEST pictues. The baby is adorable as usual--LOVE the smiling in the sleep pictures!

Deb said...

little man looks like he had a great time - I'm so glad.

those pics of the squid look cute. I cant believe she is actually smiling in those shots - funny. You may need a slightly bigger basket before too much longer though. Squid looks squished. lol

Gawdess said...

really wonderful pictures!!!
so glad that a great day was had with you boy too!

Nicki Mann said...

What an awesome fest! I remember hearing some people talking about someday creating a planned-community type thing just for people with autism and their families. That might be kinda cool, huh? A little town where everything is planned around autism?

Jill said...

I love it how you get her to smile on cue like that.
Darling pictures.

I also like the pictures of the dog/fairy. I used to dress up my dog. I even put make up on her.