Friday, December 21, 2007

Deep Sigh

The swelling in Little Man's chest is definitely worse according to the Home Health Care nurse. They didn't pull the PICC line, just in case. I am on my way to take him to the Large City Sick Kids Hospital ER. This could be nothing but a precaution, and they could just send us home.Or this could be what happened last time, which was a deep infection, another surgery, and 3 months of a PICC line. I just needed the nurse to tell me I wasn't imagining the swelling getting worse. The last time this happened, there was no doubt, cause my kid grew a left breast overnight. This time, it is a slower swelling, so it leaves me unable to really gauge if I am over reacting or under reacting. I am taking all my stuff with me. I noticed if I pack to stay, I rarely stay. If I don't pack, (remember? I was coming home last time!) I inevitably end up staying. Thanks for all your good thoughts and humor and kindess, they help me through this tough time.
You do realize I am not done with Christmas shopping yet?? If we stay, Christmas is blown to heck and gone. If not, I have all day tomorrow to finish it up.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

K J and the kids said...

I'm crossing my fingers...and if that kid ends up with a PICC line I will swear every word I know from the top of my lungs...because you can't. and that's what friends are for.

elizasmom said...

Ack! Just had a moment to check in and I'm sorry to read that things are looking not-so-promising on the infection front. I hope that your strategy of packing clothes works!

Azul said...

Sending all the best your way. I hope all goes well and you end up home in your own beds tonight.