Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I did it! I ran around like a crazy person on Christmas Eve and I found out my MACC point. (minimal amount of Christmas cheer). I found out we can get our tree two days before Christmas, and it still smells so wonderfully piney and the littles had a grand time decorating it. I found out I can NOT bake dozens and dozens of cookies and homemade candy and everyone was fine, just fine. Surprisingly, the world did not stop spinning and no one from the Church came by to revoke my Molly Mormon pin either. Who'd a thunk it? My minimal amount of Christmas cooking besides Christmas Dinner includes just one pan of Jo's Almond Roca. My kids really associate that with Christmas. I had asked the kids if they would forgo their stockings, but there was loud outcry against that heresy, so I dropped the idea, and instead just streamlined what went in them. The kids were all grateful and got along wonderfully.
The best part? Of course it was the Littles. The Pea was just so excited that Santa was coming and Little Man? He really, really got it this year. I took him to the Dollar Store and he got a present for everyone. The part he was most excited about was wrapping them. It was really wonderful to have him very slowly have me spell everyone's names while he wrote them on the tags. He has come such a long way. Of course I had to keep reminding him that the sticky side of the tape goes down. Down on the present dear...He woke up Christmas Morning and for the first time realized Santa had been here and that there were presents for him. It was really neat. June Bug mostly just enjoyed chewing on the paper.

I am trying a new option for doing slide shows, I hope it works well. It is from

And now, a Pea story. If you ask Pea who Grandma's stinker is, she points to herself and declares loudly, "Pea is!" Oh yes she is!

Check this picture out. We have English Christmas Crackers with our Christmas dinner every year and the Pea thinks they are neat. Check out where the arrow is pointing to though. A dish of butter.


I was finishing up dinner, making gravy and I went to put some butter on the veggies and I looked at the table, and I could NOT find the butter. Ah! I called to Princess and we both realized, SOMEONE had absconded with it! We went looking.
Lo and behold:


Sitting at her little table set, was the Pea, looking quite pleased with herself I might add.



She likes butter, what can I say??? And she is her mother's daughter, without a doubt.
Happy Holidays to all of you. Little Man is recovering well as far as we can tell. If he would eat something, we would be happier, but ah well, we can't have everything, can we?

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Sue said...

hee hee My son loves butter too. He is constantly sneaking it. It's so gross! ;>

Glad it was a good Christmas. You deserve it...

Bored in Vernal said...

Love all the happy smiles. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

elizasmom said...

Hahahaha! That picture of the butter with teethmarks in it provided my first laugh of the day. The Pea RULES!

I actually debated getting some Christmas crackers but I was concerned the noise would startle and thus upset Eliza, but maybe I'll reconsider, since you seem to have good luck with them.

Anyway, I'm glad Christmas came together for you and that everyone was able to enjoy the holiday in spite of last week's craziness!

Nicki Mann said...

Give em all a little pad of butter! ;)

Jenny said...

OMG you have to see this:

bwah ha ha ha!

K J and the kids said...

Your Christmas looks wonderful.
I can't believe you pulled it off...(bowing down to you)
Do they sell almond roca year round ? I thought it was a Christmas thing too.

The kids are darling. Thanks for the slide show !

Jo said...

That is too funny Bombadee! Ella and the Pea are kindred spirits!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Ohhh what a nice Christmas you had! :) You'll have to share the almond roca recipe, because that? Sounds like something that's positively deeee-vine!

Also, it's me, Melissa. I had to move my blog this holiday season. Pain in the butt, but at least I can post again. :)