Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where Heaven?

Today started off WONDERFUL. I went to sleep right after I finished up his night time dose, about 11:15 or so. And my sweet Bald Man got up at 5 to pull the Vanco out of the fridge to warm up. And oh dear, I overslept an hour. Oh shucks. I slept right through my alarm. One hour once is is not a big deal and I got to sleep 8 hours! I feel reborn!
Then the day quickly went downhill. Little Man's chest is swollen, I am keeping an eye on it, if it keeps it up, we will be off the ER, again... and I have no idea what after that. Last time this happened. (yes, last time, it has happened before) it was MUCH more swollen and he had to go into surgery again to have a VERY large hematoma (blood clot) removed. I have my fingers in my ears right now, la, la, la, I can't hear you!!! Pretending very much that NOTHING is wrong, move away folks, nothing to see here.
Part of what is bad about today is that beloved Peter passed away this morning.
He was at the end of his life span for a rat, but he was such a sweetie. We will miss him. I haven't told Little Man, I will just wait til he notices that Peter's cage is empty. I really think he will be just too upset if he saw the dead rat. Although I wasn't that lucky with the Pea, she saw him. Wanted to know what happened.
Pea: Peter asweep?
Me: No, Peter is dead.
Pea: Me killed him?
Me: No, Peter was sick.
Pea after she saw Unca Oldest Son take the trash out
Pea: Where Peter go?
Me: (not wanting to tell her that we threw him away) Peter went to go live with Jesus.
Pea: Where Jee-us live?
Me: In Heaven
Pea: In de oven?
Me: No, Heaven
Pea: Where Heaven Bam-ma?
Me: Far, far away above the sky.
Pea: Me want to see Heaven!
She then insisted I lift her up into the air, where she stared at the ceiling for a bit and then declared she had seen Heaven.
So much for the plan of not telling Little Man, he just noticed. Asked where the rat died, I told him in his cage. Little Man looked up at me, (I was waiting for the tears) and said, "let's get a new rat" Hmm, not quite as broken up as I expected.
I am off to stare at his chest and pretend everything is just fine, fine, just fine.
***Updated at 1:30 pm*** The home health nurse came over to assess the swelling. Definitely a bit swollen, no infection, (praises for Vanco!) and we will wait and see. In spite of Peter dying and the swelling, today is so much better than yesterday, I am less tired, Little Man is way less agitated and isn't fussing with his PICC line like he was yesterday. He has actually played quietly by himself and let me blog and read in peace. Deep breaths.

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Caustic Cupcake said...

Aw, Jo, I'm sorry. They are so loveable, so easy to get attatched to, and then have such short lives. It's not fair. Peter was a lucky rat, though, and if there is a heaven, it could use rats like him.

elizasmom said...

Ack! Here's hoping Little Man's body is just trying to freak you out and nothing happens. And I'm so sorry about Peter — it's sad to lose a pet no matter how long they lived. However, I'm glad that a. Little Man didn't seem too traumatized and b. that Pea was so dang cute about it!

Nicki Mann said...

Aw, she thought she killed him? Poor little munchkin!
I read in another blog awhile ago where the parents were trying to explain death to their preschooler, whose fish had died. The little girl ended up thinking Heaven was a big ocean in the sky, where their deceased pet cat also lived, somehow managing to breathe underwater like a fish!

Susie said...

Sorry to hear about the rattie. The kids responses were interesting. My daughter (12) would be in tears if something happened to one of our rats (we have six right now). I hope Little Man is feeling better soon.

Granny said...

I'm sorry. It's hard to lose any pet and rats are cute and lovable.

I read your later posts so know Little Man has improved.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and sending much love.