Friday, December 21, 2007

Yes, Yes and Yes

The doctor says these things:
Yes, your son's surgical site is swollen
Yes, your son has a low grade fever
Yes, your son's incision site is red

Come back if they get any worse. Anyone besides me find that irritating? I waited 6 hours in the ER with my autistic and poorly behaved child to hear all that. The reassuring part is that his labs look great. White blood cells not high, platelets and hematocrit normal. Good stuff to know. Praying he doesn't have an infection brewing, that now he is off the Vanco will flare. As I said before, after the last time, I just don't trust my judgement in this. Not sure if I am over, under or normally reacting.
I shall conquer the rest of my Christmas shopping tomorrow!

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

Azul said...

Gotta love that 'Come back if it gets worse attitude.'

Anyhow, I'm glad they felt it was okay to send you home. Good luck braving the shopping crowds today.

Eliza said...

Well now that there is my personal favorite swing-your-specialist version of the pediatric goat rodeo. The ambiguous symptomology that you describe as best you can, the part where they either sound all panicky or all "well we can look IF YOU WANT US TO" or all maddenningly "well ma'am everything could be fine or the kid could be circling the drain, but I can't speculate until you come and sit for six hours in cootie central until I can come and take a three-second peek between office patients, at which point I can be just as enigmatic and unhelpful, but without worrying about a malpractice suit and *I* will sleep well tonight."

Good white counts are fabulous, however. Not that it would make ME any less shrill, but I'm an alarmist.

ALWAYS trust your judgment, Jo. Don't rule out the Mommy Hawk radar--it's worked before. Sleep deprivation sucks, and I'm sorry--that never helps with the tough calls, does it?

I don't know how it is that you have figured a way to mainline Mt. Dew, but in light of how many IV homecare supplies you have access to right now and the fact that you are still upright, am forced to conclude that that is what you've upped and done. Do please let me know how you managed that one, because I don't even wake up some days lately and you're still SHOPPING? I'd like to somehow between now and the day after tomorrow at least heckle the more able-bodied among us here into going out and getting a TREE for the lumps of coal and co-payments to go under.