Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Are Home

Home and well, sort of sound. It is really, really crazy here. 9:30, and Little Man is still awake and sadly, so am I. I just wish I wasn't already so tired, it is kind of a bad way to have to finish out what is going to be happening here. Home Health delivered all the goods, I will have to show you a picture later, and the nurse came by to give me the teaching I needed for his Vanco treatments for the next two days. At first I thought the dosing schedule wouldn't be too bad, with a dose at 10 and another one at six and then 2. That is eight hours inbetween doses, right??? Um, yeah, whatever. I have to START the dose at 10 pm. It takes an hour to infuse, so the very earliest I will be in bed will be at about 15 minutes or so past 11, if I do a quick job with flushing his line with saline and heperin. And the six part in the morning? I have to be up a MINIMUM of half an hour early to get the Vanco out of the fridge to warm up. So I get to sleep from 11:15 to 5:30. You will note this isn't even close to eight hours and in my book that miss is as good as a mile. I am praying for naps, because otherwise, I will be totally loony by Thursday.
Thank you, thank you for all your kind comments, they were very nice and distracting when I really needed some good loving.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Azul said...

Good to hear you're home. I can imagine the truckload of gear you must have in your house right now.

Boo for not enough sleep for the next few days, though. Thank heaven for Mountain Dew, huh?

K J and the kids said...

WOW ! :( (yawn) that just makes me tired.
Sorry ! Here's to working in shifts :)

Eliza said...

OH FOR CRAP'S SWEET SUFFERING SAKE AND ALL THAT IS GOOD AND NOT UN-HOLY you didn't realize that from watching them screw with it? See, you totally should have like, called me instead of eaten a coupla days ago and I could've told you about the hour rule (any faster and the risks for adverse reactions go through the roof), and it doesn't HAVE to be ten and two. That is just hospital protocol. Probably there is something to do with peak/trough level readings that they will use to justify it, but call and ask if they could find it in their hearts to fudge the schedule with Home Health in writing and let you do it at nine and one, or whatever, since clinically it makes NO DIFFERENCE. It's probably a paperwork disaster, but sometimes when I need something to toss to the ravening hordes of lions lying beneath my baggy-eyed surface I call my kids' doctors and harass them about stuff like this. Maybe you could start doing that every night, between ten and eleven?

Yondalla said...

Couldn't the bald man take one of them? Or at least the prep and/or clean up?