Monday, December 31, 2007

A Recap of 2007, Now With Pictures!

Jan 2007-, I swear I must be stuck in like Groundhog Day because you know what I was complaining about last Jan? Seizures, Little Man's foulness during the Christmas vacation and Little Man's weight loss. The year is ending as it began. This year, instead of JJ's seizures though, we are back to dealing with the boy's seizures again. Here is hoping that 2008 takes care of the seizure thing and the weight thing! The behavior, well, you can't have everything.
My Pea of course is sprinkled here and there!


Feb- The biggest news was my dreadful case of anemia. I have been such a good girl the last 10 months with my iron, and it hasn't been a problem since! Little Man weighs the same now has he did then. Lots of appreciation for my beloved Bald Man in Feb. I read a couple of dreams I had that I would NOT have remembered if I hadn't blogged them. I am really glad I did. I received a happy package from Bombadee as a prize for winning a contest!


March- Had Little Man scaring the crap out of us by getting his little self lost at the park on my watch no less! For me there was a new haircut and the surprise arrival of Pygmy Child for the wedding prep!

April- Was all about the wedding of course!!

Also a trip to Doolittleville and my cherry popping trip to Washington D.C. It was great! Don't forget to check out the Peep Show Redzils, Eliza and I made while I was there!

May- Had us anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring

and our new grand daughter!

We adopted Fluffy, the Kitten Formerly Known as Justin and enjoyed the antics of Meeko and kitten.

June- was a BIG month, with the arrival of our sweet, sweet, June Bug!

I also did some blogging for LBGT families and my poor lil van got smushed up in the parking lot! Tangled Me got rated R for the excessive use of the word "poop". Who knew? My life is R rated!

July- Our June Bug grew in body and spirit

Princess won a singing contest and I got the most comments ever when I blogged about the vileness of my daily life.


I got to meet the ever adorable and thinks she is so bad-butt, Cupcake in a fast trip to Doolittleville. I LURVE me some Cupcake, she rocks the house. In spite of her foul mouth on her blog, she is actually so incredibly sweet and tenderhearted.

August-brought a trip to the Rez in South Dakota. Much happy times! Family get togethers, introductions, laughter, geneology, traditions and BUFFALO, much to Brown Boy's delight!


It was wonderful. I still get all warm and fuzzy when I think about how much fun we all had. August was also Bald Man and my 27th wedding anniversary. Crazy!

Sept- Little Man really struggled with the re-start of school and I took a class at the Local University. We had many dr appointments and most of them were pretty good news. No bleeding disorder, no bad flat feet, but instead the "good" kind of flat feet. I found my mojo to start exercising, lest I be left for dead on the hills in San Francisco in Nov. June Bug was blessed at her other grandparent's church.


And we didn't know at the time, but we also ended up permanently adopting Jack the dog!
As Bald Man calls him, he is the best dog we never wanted. He is a welcome addition to our family.

Oct- brought more doctor's appts and visits to our house from a behaviorist for the Little Man. Meeko outgrew her wing clipping and we decided to let her be fully flighted.

The Pea and I went in search of Mountain Monday and I took my best picture, ever! I am so proud of it!


Super Mommy came and stayed a week and we had so much fun. Even if she is a size two now, after 9 kids. Humphf.
Throughout Sept and Oct, I was dedicated to my walking exercise and did it four times a week! Good for me! By the end of the month I had met and vanquished my nemisis, The Hill of Pain!


Nov- I signed up for NabloPoMo and went to San Franciso on my class trip at the same time! I survived the hills and no one called 911 for the old dead woman on the hills. Had a great time, although I was really sad I missed meeting L and Granny.
I got a henna tattoo


And played with self heating food

I was successful at accomplishing Nablopomo in spite of all my life craziness! Go me!

Dec-saw the beautiful


and the ugly
We had surgery, PICC lines and Christmas, pee flakes and break ups. Christmas was wonderful, in spite of all the ER visits and lack of time on my part.
One of my favorite things this Dec was watching both Little Man and the Pea bloom in their understanding of Christmas.

For those of you who have stuck through this long, rambling post, here is your reward! The last Monday of 2007!

The best news of this this last day of the year? It looks like my niece is in labor with her daughter. I am waiting on pins and needles for the news.
Happy New Year to all of you and I hope that 2008 brings all of us joy, laughter, love and some dreams come true.

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Chag said...

Hope you guys have a happy and healthy 2008!

Nicki Mann said...

What a great year you had! I love the bird/kitty video... You should send it into AFV!!!

Jane said...

What gorgeous pics! Maybe in 2008 I can learn to put pictures so nicely on my blog. Happy New Year!!!

K J and the kids said...

Great year in pictures.
Can't wait to read all about 2008 !

elizasmom said...

Great recap. I am glad there have been so many delightful/happy moments to balance out the stress and worry that you have had to deal with, too. You have a terribly cute menagerie, and you know how I feel about The Pea! Here's hoping next year's wrap up says something about how Little Man gained scads and scads of weight and you haven't had to worry about anyone's seizures at all.
Oh — and congrats on conquering the hill of pain!

Sue said...

Oh, congratulations to your niece - how exciting. Happy New Year Jo!