Friday, September 19, 2008

End of the Week Wrap Up

I like to leave you with good things to look at for the weekend. Dr. Ruby has been changing up Little Man's meds and the addition of a VERY small amount of an anti depressant seems to be actually helping. There is definitely a let up on the foulness around here. I took the boy to Build a Bear, we were planning on getting a T-Rex and having the dino undergo tube surgery so he could have a button just like the boy. Well, after getting the dino stuffed, and right as we were to place the dino's button, Little Man turned to me and said, "no tube". I was surprised and asked him why. What happened next was so sad and so sweet at the same time. He grabbed the dino's mouth and asked him if he wanted a tube. He made the Rex shake his head no. Little Man looked at me and said, "I don't like my tube and he doesn't want one." Well what could a mom do, but honor her child's request. Godzilla has no feeding tube.

When Little Man was younger, he was really, really into Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. He ended up with a bunch of the toys and one time when we went to San Francisco, we got to take him to the Wild Things Exhibit that was at the Metreon Mall. It closed about 4 years ago, but while I was there, I HAD to buy Max's wolf suit for the boy. He wore it for the next two years at Halloween. I dug it up recently.

You will need to apply a heavy coat of anti-cute to yourself before viewing the following pictures. You have been warned. Lethal Overdose of Cute Ahead!

She is still too small to wear it for Halloween, but when I pulled it out, she yelled, "it is Max's wolf suit! I want to wear it!" How could I say no? I couldn't. But you benefit! Dang, the kid is so cute, she slaughters me!
And little did I know, that exhibit would close, and that costume is now considered a collector's item. Now it is a family heirloom and I can't wait to pass it on to each grand child in turn, as they grow into being Max for Halloween.

I had Squid for the day. I had fun again. You will have to check out my photoblog for more pics IF you want to see them. But I will give you a preview.

Playing with Pixels as of this posting, I don't have any pics from today up, but maybe tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend, I know I will, because we have respite tomorrow.*Sigh, after I posted this, our respite person called and said he can't make it. There is a new kids show out called Igor, so I think we shall take Little Man to see it. We have the BEST movie theater ever! One, it is mostly reserved seating, so I can buy our tickets online, choose our seats and then we can arrive after the theater is dark to avoid Little Man meltdowns. Two, it has REAL food available. Bald Man and I LOVE the nachos. Not those fake cheesey nachos. Real nachos, with shredded chicken and real salsa and cheese on them. YUM. They have these awesome trays that go in the cupholders to hold your food and boy, does it rock. The seats have armrests that go up, so if you want to cuddle with your sweetie, you can. So, no respite, but I will get nachos, so tomorrow isn't a total bust.

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Kristina P. said...

First, love the Max outfit. Completely adorable.

And second, I just saw your comment. WHAT?!?!?!??! You need to go out of town another weekend!

We will definitely do lunch, maybe will Jill, if she's lucky.

Oh, and I took a couple hour nap, which I usually do on the couch, but I decided to lay down in bed. My headache's gone, but I woke up really hot, and nauseous again. Blech.

Jillene said...

LOVE LOVE the Max costume! It is so cute!

Have fun at the movies--mmmm....nachos--soundg DELISH!! Oh yeah--let us know how the movie is so I can decide wether to take my kids or not! (0:

Rychelle said...

shiver me timbers.

ye have some hearty lookin pirates there, matie.

Deb said...

Great googly moogly, I love those pics.
Heading over to the photo viewin place now!!!

K J and the kids said...

You are right. I was warned.

Holly said...

You really need to put a cuteness meter on your blog. I love that Max costume.....maybe not as much as I'd love those nacho's, but very cute.

Amber said...

Yay for meds working! How sweet that he didn't want the dino to have a tube. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the max outfit. Love the baby picnic as well.

Ambitious Blonde said...

I want a Godzilla and a Max suit and an infant to place in picnic baskets to take soul-searingly adorable photos of.

Not necessarily in that order.

Nicki Mann said...

Aw, Little Man didn't want his dinosaur to have a feeding tube? Thats very sweet and parental of him to protect his dinosaur. I love the Max costume too!