Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blog Love

I have added a new name to my Shout Outs, aka blogroll. I am excited and thrilled to introduce my good friend Holly to all of you! She is new to the bloggy world, so go on over and show Holly some blog love. Walking In My Shoes
I have known Holly for quite a few years and she has been a wonderful friend to me. She is raising a daughter, a dog, a cat, and is a fount of wisdom and support in my times of need. We like to read the same books and share the same silly sense of humor. It is nice to tell someone something you think is funny and have them laugh too!
Now, a bit of this and a bit of that.
Job news. No we are not moving from Utah. My job will take place in this fine state, corporate headquarters are in Ohio, which is why I went there for my interview.

Perhaps you can help me with this conundrum. The Pea brought me this:
She told me, "this car is broken Bam-Maw". I said, "no it isn't dear". (We have had this Little People Fisher Price car for probably more than 20 years.) When I told her it wasn't broken, she then pointed to the car and said, "what is this?".
I am completely baffled. What is THIS called?

I know it is to put gas in the car at the teeny tiny Fisher Price Gas Station/Garage, but for the life of me I don't know that that little dimple is called. My first instinct of calling it a "gas hole" just doesn't seem right. So far no one in my family knows what it is called either. Bald Man who is the car person around here, called it a "gas fill tube". That sounds dumb to me and I don't think anyone else calls it that. Princess said it is the gas tank. I disagree. It the hole that leads to the pipe that goes to the gas tank, but isn't the gas tank proper.
So, wise and wonderful fellow bloggers, what is that called??? Inquiring minds want to know.
I got a visitor from Yellowknife Canada! (Waving merrily!) Bald Man and I are both familiar with the name from the History Channel show, Ice Road Truckers. Way cool and thanks for stopping by all the way from the frozen north.

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Holly said...

Funny thing....I was once married to a Gas Hole, oh no, never mind we called him something else!

I had another thought. We use to wonder what to call the hole a g-tube goes in. G-hole just never sounded right, instead we used G stoma. Do cars have gas stomas?

Thanks for mentioning me!

Anonymous said...


angryyoungwoman said...

Aw, we had little people toys when I was little. I've always thought of that part as the gas hole. It has the added plus that it's fun to say. "Where's your gas hole?" "I'm trying to filler up, but I can't find the gas hole." I like it.

Jessica G. said...

Now I shall perform my enchanting dance of happiness since you are not leaving the state.

And I have no idea what to call that there thinger in the car...I've never called it a name! :)

K J and the kids said...

Gas tank. I know it's not the actual TANK...but these are little people and gas hole sounds so not nice. :)

FosterAbba said...

It is known as a "fill pipe" for the gas tank.

But really, I like "gas hole" better.

Mongoose said...

Gas fill pipe or gas fill tube is fine... It's a pipe that goes to your gas tank, not a hole or a tank. So it's called a pipe, or tube. :)

And how come you never get this excited about ME visiting your blog? I'm in Hay River, right across the lake from Yellowknife, and I am an actual trucker, though I don't run the ice myself. Most of my friends do though, and it never used to be glamourous until that show aired. ;)

Jill said...

Gas recepticle.

Fuel fill

Petrol place

Diesel dimple

That place in the toy car where you put the gas thingie.

Or just fill the hole with play dough and tell her that you fixed it.

bon said...


Amber said...

I like the play dough idea.

You could think of it like a human body- the gas tank is the stomach, the 'tube' the esophagus- making that hole the mouth.

Utah Doula said...

A fuel receptacle or fuel fill pipe.