Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Long Promised Post!

So much for traveling back down to Sick Kids R Us. I went to leave and found out my very reliable van is having issues. Of an unknown, but scary origin. Like leaking all its' raditator fluids all over the ground and overheating.
The bad news is I couldn't go down and see my sweet lil guy. The good news is this is my first day home in many, many days. I did speak to my nephew and the baby is doing really well today. Great praise!
I spent the first part of this first day being really home enjoying my grand daughters and NOW, finally! I am doing my promised job interview/trip update.
My trip was bracketed by intense cuteness.
Before I left, it was June Bug:


On the advice of many wise blog friends, I brought my needle felted dragon along for good luck. He REALLY enjoyed the trip.

He enjoyed the moving walkways,


He was naughty and tried to drive away with one of those little white airport carts:


He enjoyed his trip through airport security:


Because we were at the airport at 5 AM! we stopped for some breakfast. Good thing, it was the last thing I got to eat until 11 that night!


Before we knew it, we were on our way to Ohio:


Since no one was picking me up, I was dressed very comfy for the trip. I picked up my luggage and went to the car rental place. I changed there and put on my make up. Good thing, because I wasn't told my first interview was going to be taking place that day and with one of the OWNERS of the company! But, I was up to it. I was dressed nicely and feeling great. I also met with the general manager. I wore my black top with circles on it and my new pin stripe pants. Oh and the kitten heel shoes. Yah, go me!
Then, after that, we headed for the hotel. It was a very nice hotel. Here is lil draggy jumping on the bed!


I tucked him in the for the night and I headed out:


I have never used one of those GPS units. But now? I am in love! Do you realize how much anxiety was allayed? How much of my being worried about getting lost was gone? It was amazing. And it was especially important for the next part of the trip. My paternal grandmother lives only an hour from where I was, and I had an opportunity to visit with her while I was in Ohio. I haven't had a chance to see her in many years and it is very likely this will be the last time. Her health is faily rapidly. But let me tell you, I sure hope I am doing this well when I am 100! Yes, she was 100 in March. Wow. She doesn't need glasses, her hearing is very acute and she is still really sharp with a great memory. I feel so blessed that this was a part of trip.


My aunt who was also visiting at the time, asked how in the world I managed to go trooping around in a strange place all by myself. I told her no problem, I really enjoyed it. She thought I was so independent. It just made me laugh!
The next day I was up early and on time for my 9:00 meeting. I spent the whole day at the company headquarters. I was taken to lunch, got to sit on how things run there. I had a chance to really spend some great time with who will hopefully be my new boss. I wore my suit that day and the kitten heels. I felt like a million dollars. I love, love, love the company, the people and I am hoping I got the job!
I heard the gal who was interviewing me tell someone else that I was making a really good impression. Wow!
That evening I got to go out to SUSHI, (yum!) and was treated so nicely. You know, I think I like being a real grown up.
I was in bed and up again and before I knew it, this bit of cuteness was picking me up from the airport:


I got home and found out my Little Man had been sleeping with a picture of me in his bed! He said he missed me so much and that he was very sad I had left him and ridden on a jet. He did pretty good while I was gone.

Ya know? I really think I am a good point in my life. Being in my late forties now, I am just not the unsure, insecure young thing I used to be. I like being in this generation. I like the respect I get, I like how I feel about myself. Sure, confident, and just overall really content with myself. Kind of amazing when I think about it, it has taken me 4 decades to get here!! So if any of you are out there wondering what there is to look forward to, there is a lot. A chance for your life experience and your knowledge to catch up with each other. A kind place within yourself for you and for all you bring to the table. Compassion, open heartedness, wisdom, a world view and laughter are all things I have found in my last decade. Not that the seeds weren't present before, they were, but there is a blossoming of self that just happened in the last few years. I like being in my forties and I think my fifties are going to really rock.
By the way, I got an email today from the very nice boss lady telling me we will be chatting soon and discussing the "next steps". Sounds very promising, don't you think?

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Sheri said...

You are a very wise woman and I enjoyed reading about your journey! Much luck is sent your way about the job.

And many prayers about the baby.

Caustic Cupcake said...

That sounds very promising!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

But I think I need some more of those cleverly-posed pictures of Draggy.

elizasmom said...

Oh my — that sounds VERY promising. Will keep my fingers crossed!

I'm glad you and your dragon had a good trip and that you got to squeeze in a little family time!

Yondalla said...

Love the photos.

When do you hear back more from the interviewers?

K J and the kids said...

How long until we all find out if you got it ?
The suspense is killing me :)
Sorry about the van, I hope it's a minor repair costing you under $50 bucks.

Cute kids as always.

bon said...

Congratulations Jo, and yeah! I am glad you say this about your 40's. I turn 39 in a month, and I feel the 40's a knockin', I hope I have more patience.

Jill said...

Glad things went so well for you.
I'm a little disappointed that you didn't take Draggy with you to your interview;0)

You are right about the GPS. It so totally ROCKS!

Jessica G. said...

So glad you took the Dragon! Can't imagine what your trip might have been like without him.

That's awesome the all went so well but tell me one thing...does taking this job mean you will be leaving our fair state? I'm afraid I can't let that happen...

Jenny said...

Sound like you have a great shot. The Dragon photos are cracking me up.

Sue said...

Love the dragon pics, hilarious. I'm glad it went well. It sounds like they really liked you!

Amber said...

The dragon pictures are killing me! I'm glad you took him along for safety and stuff in the big city.

Yay for getting the job and having a great trip and seeing grandmas!

I need you to call me- I can't find your number.

PeWee said...

So fun that you included the felted dragon in your travels!