Thursday, May 22, 2008

For Mongoose

Mongoose had this to say:
And how come you never get this excited about ME visiting your blog? I'm in Hay River, right across the lake from Yellowknife, and I am an actual trucker, though I don't run the ice myself. Most of my friends do though, and it never used to be glamourous until that show aired. ;)

Well, my darling, it was YOU I was excited about! (Only I didn't know it at the time) My site meter has a little map thingy on it and when I checked it, it had a lone Northwest Territory visitor on it. When I did my little clicky thing on it, it said it had come from Yellowknife. It was very exciting and even more exciting that it is someone who actually comments on my blog! The map isn't terribly accurate of course, but still...
So there. Welcome to Utah from the Northwest Territories.
***edited to add*** If the other Northwest reader would comment, I could then die a happy person. Not that I am planning on dying soon, but the happiness would last the rest of my life. Really!
Love Jo

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Mongoose said...

Well, then you get to be doubly excited. I've been reading your blog from work this week and my work IP shows up as Whitehorse, Yukon. So if you got someone from Yellowknife this week, that's probably one of my readers that came to you from my blogroll. (I show up as Yellowknife only when I'm at the library.) So now you have TWO people reading you from the Northwest Territories! Fabulous, isn't it?

Well, there's only 41,000 of us up here, so 2 is a fair percentage of the population. LOL