Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Won't, I Won't And I Can't Want to!

I so totally stole that phrase from Butterfly. It fits in well with my life currently.
Yesterday I was soooo incredibly excited to get my new work cell phone. It is way cooler than my personal cell phone, it even has a camera! And it is from a reliable company, not the company that has its headquarters in the back bedroom of some one's double wide, which is where I suspect my cell phone service originates from. So perhaps my work phone won't drop calls randomly and often as my personal cell does.
Then. I realized. OMG, I have another cell phone. What the heck am I going to do??? I have a hard enough time juggling my personal cell, keeping it charged, remembering where the heck I put it and most of all, finding the freaking thing when it starts ringing. Now I have to do it twice??? And the camera? I shall just have to tell my work to bite it, they can't stop me from sending pictures that I have taken with my NEW phone to all my friends and family and who cares if it isn't work related?? NOT!
And today, I am playing coporate mommy, or corporate grand ma as the case may be.
There is something absolutely heavenly about being able to go back to bed when you are just too tired to be awake that day. And today, I did! But, it put me seriously behind. I was awakened at 9:50 by my sweet June Bug being dropped off and being told, by the way, she is teething and had a horrible night and she is having a rotten day too, sorry. I found at 10:40 I had an 11 oclock work conference call. So I coughed and coughed, (I am trying to get rid of a terrible cold and when they said it would be helpful if I muted my coughing I had to tell them I didn't know how to do that...sigh) And chased the June Bug and tried to give meaningful input into my first real job thing I have done so far. It is now 12:30 and I am not showered and not dressed. Hopefully the Stinkbug will go down for a nap soon so I can shower. And cough myself to death, in front of other people. Cause yeah, that part was the best.

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Fix-it Friday! Please think of something you do, or want to do, or someone else does, or a recipe, or anything so Jo doesn't feel like a total loser and last week 3 people did Fix-it Friday and I almost died from happiness! Leave a comment or email me at lakotajo2 at msn dot com and I will sooo link you up, front and center!

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

elizasmom said...

I'm back in!

And yay on surviving your first big work thing, even if you did almost cough yourself to death. Enjoy your new gadget!

Holly said...

So glad to hear about your job starting and you surviving the first day despite it all. I did make a single serving of rice krispy squares (or would that be just be a square?) the other day in a mug in the microwave, but it is hardly fix it Friday material.

Katie said...

Post has just gone up. I think it's a goody today!