Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Beginning

Sue totally inspired me for this post.
Bald Man and I met at a college in California, at a religion class. We met in Jan at the beginning of a new semester. I had a volunteer job there, as an official greeter, so I was very friendly to him. He looked old to me, I assumed he was thirty and was married with a couple of kids. He thought I was coming on to him. :::::::::rolling eyes:::::: We would tease each other and that was about it. By April, I thought he was pretty cool, but he just wasn't responding to my flirting/teasing and I was ready to give up by May. At the same time, I was submitting my papers to BYU. I was offered a scholarship and a half, (room, board, tuition and books), so I was leaving for Utah at the end of summer. He finally asked me out on a date the end of May. Later I would find out the only reason he did, was because I was leaving for BYU. He wasn't interested in getting married, and I seemed safe because I was leaving. I wasn't interested in getting married either! For heaven's sakes, I had just turned 19! The first date, we didn't kiss but we did hold hands. But the next date, (the next day) we did kiss and there were definitely sparks. The third day? Another date. The fourth day? Another date. We were inseparable. After just a couple of weeks, people were commenting on our closeness and asking us when we were getting married! We were quite amused, because as far as we were both concerned, I was leaving for BYU in a few weeks. After being asked the same question, over and over, by the middle of June, we began to tell people we were indeed getting married! They would ask when, and we would answer, June 31st! People would say congratulations and we would laugh. About half the people would come back and say, "hey, there are only 30 days in June!" and we would all laugh some more. We did think we were very funny.
One day, Bald Man took me to his house, (he was living with his parents) and told me he had something to show me, in his room. Whoowwwee! I remember the day vividly, because I had never been in his room and I was totally smitten with the boy. We went upstairs and he showed me his calendar. The June on his calendar had a June 31st! It was a mistake, or was it? We were engaged in July, married in August. From our first date the end of May to our wedding date the end of August, was one day shy of three months. While I wouldn't be happy if any my kids did it, it was right for us. 27 years later, still in love and still married.
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Jenny said...

This is sooo sweet. I love the pic. too. you two look like little kids.

Dan and I decided to get married after just three months too, I always say either you know right away or he's not it ;)

Jane said...

Congratulations! Wishing you many more happy years!

elizasmom said...

What a great story. And it cracks me up that both you and Sue posted stories about how quickly you got married and then swear you'll kill your kids if they follow in your footsteps!

Sue said...

Hee hee I loved this. What a cute story, I'm so glad you posted it!

suburbancorrespondent said...

Oh, my goodness, you guys look like babies! That was sweet!

K J and the kids said...

So did you all move to Provo then ?

Great picture ! You should have referred to him as "balding" though. :) ha ha