Saturday, November 03, 2007

Survived Another Day!

Yesterday's walking tour was not as bad as the first day, I think.. now that I am considering it, my legs are a bit sore today, unlike yesterday, where just my feet were sore. I guess I don't know which day was worse, I just know I survived! And I wasn't last, I wasn't holding the group up, no one called 911 to have me resuscitated, and it actually wasn't all that hard. I am really, really glad I prepared myself for this tour, otherwise I do think I would have been really embarrassed. This has been so fun, and I have learned a great deal, even some things I never wanted to learn.
Let me share a bit of embarrassment on my part. Yesterday, in Berkeley, I purchased some tacos from a taco stand. I was not very happy to learn with my first bite, that they were way too spicy for my tender tongue. I ate a hotdog instead. But I was left with uneaten food, and as it is with most mothers, I have a profound horror of wasting food. When one of the young men with our class come over, I insisted that he, "come here and eat my taco!" Ah yeah, well, I guess I didn't know that "taco" is a slang word for female genitalia, until my much younger and hipper fellow classmates about peed their pants with laughter. Yup, no doubt about peeps, I am learning things on this trip, yes indeedy.
(And God Bless the young man for not vomiting, but instead simpering and saying, Jooo! I didn't know you felt like that for me! He saved this middle aged lady's ego, dear thing)

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Yondalla said...

Good for you! Survival of the laughter of the young is a major accomplishment.

And it sounds like you handled it with grace. That's all we can hope for you know -- surviving appearing foolish with grace.

No one can avoid foolishness.

Eliza said...


elizasmom said...

Hahahaha! I would've been right there with you — I had no idea!

And congratulations on your triumph over the hills — that's really wonderful. Now I think you should head to Ghirardelli and reward yourself with some chocolate!

Sue said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is hilarious. I didn't know that either. I guess we all would have been dumb together. But I'm glad it was just you. ;>