Monday, November 26, 2007

Mountain Monday Has Been Rescheduled

to I don't know when, actually.

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Like a carefully crafted house of cards, that tumbles down at a slight breeze, today's medical phone relay resulted in everything being thrown into disarray. I have NO idea what is going to happen over the next week or so. Oh wait, I do know one thing. Little Man goes to the Large City Sick Kids R Us on Wednesday to get an Upper GI done. I just love it. It involves Little Man ingesting a barium drink. Ha ha! Do you hear me laughing??? We can't even get the kid to eat enough food to stop his malnutrition, and they think he will DRINK it??? They do have a back door though. According to a website: "Occasionally, if your child will not drink this barium liquid, a tube will have to be inserted into your childs stomach through the mouth or nose in order to introduce the barium into his/her digestive tract. This will not hurt, however it is uncomfortable, and is used only as a last resort for uncooperative children unable or unwilling to drink the barium" Please make note of the word uncooperative. There ya go.
What was SUPPOSED to happen: Little Man was supposed to have his G-tube done on Thursday or Friday, with the PICC line done either the day before or the same day. And then the VNS replacement on Dec 4th. BUT. Ahem. Dr. Tall and Thin's office has not been able to get Infectious Disease to respond with a timeline for the PICC line. Great. They are saying we might even have to put off his surgery for the generator for his VNS, which is a very bad thing, because waiting too long, as we all know, might result in the dang thing failing. Dr. Tall and Thin is gone out of the office this week. It is possible his GI doc will take the ID bull by the horns and get them to respond or perhaps she will decide to take on the whole PICC line thing herself. Sooooo.... either we will or we won't, by the 4th. It will all get done in Dec sometime, but you do realize I prefer sooner rather than later with Christmas coming. Arrrgghhh! I could just scream. The waiting, the worry, the phone calls. I have been too busy today to even think about the mountains, I am sorry. But never fear, they will still be there when I get a chance to think or even breathe again.

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Azul said...

Been thinking of you and Little Man, Jo.

Thanks for the update, and I'm wishing all the best for you.

You're in my prayers.

Yondalla said...

I spoke with the mountains for you. They promised to wait for you.

I strongly encourage to go scream into a pillow if it will help.

elizasmom said...

I am hoping for you that everything is settled so that you and yours won't have this hanging over your heads on Christmas.

Gawdess said...

Oh Jo.
Thinking of you and your Little Man and the rest of your family.

Jane said...

Oh, no. I know about dealing with that "uncooperative kid who has to ingest a nasty drink or else" business. Prayers and good luck to you.