Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some People!

I have a pet peeve, oh yes I do. Let me tell you a couple of stories.
Did you know that Marie Callendar's the pie place has a 5.99 pie sale 3 times a year? Feb, June and Oct. Well they do. The only time I buy pies there, because I am a cheapskate. I was standing there in line, to buy their Chocolate Satin pie, (which if you have never had, well then your life isn't worth living) and they took my order and then moved on to the lady behind me. She said, "Oh, I was in here three days ago and bought two pies, but you gave me the wrong one, so I want another one". I was left standing there, thinking, "wait, you took those two pies home, ate them and now expect, three days later for them to just give you free pies." Unbelievable!
Yesterday, Rudy's mother came upstairs to inform me that they were finally getting one of their shipments, (they are miltary and moving from Taiwan I think) and there would be a HUGE truck, blocking most of the parking lot in front of our apartment from 8 until 5 this evening, and well, we better move our cars, unless we want to get blocked in for the day. What??? Unbelievable. Now I know where Rudy gets his poor social skills! I called the rental office and they told her in no uncertain terms she could not block the parking lot for that many hours. Some people! I can not stand rude, self centered people. Now you know a pet peeve of mine. Feel free to share any of yours, so I can feel less like I am an intolerant human being.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

K J and the kids said...

SO you are telling me that I can go to Marie Calendars TELL them that they screwed up several days ago on a previous order and get free pie ?
Thank you !


Melissa said...

We have no delightful Marie Callendar's place with delightful pies around here. Sadness!

And if you're an intolerant human being, I don't even want to know what I am. ;)

Mongoose said...

Don't get me started on pet peeves. :) I'll name just one: people who think they know everything. Yaaaaaaaaaargh! That drives me nuts.