Saturday, November 17, 2007

Look What I Did!

While I was in Berkeley I thought I would have the full experience, so I decided to get one of these:

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I was quite disappointed to find out the only person surprised by my henna tattoo was my hubby. So much for trying to shock anyone. I was very sad when it faded, and I would get another one, except after the Pea saw my drawing, she thought drawing all over yourself with a pen was just fine, I mean, Grand ma did it! So no more tattoos for me.

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

Nicki Mann said...

Someone came to my work to do henna tattos as an activity, and I got one too! The one I had looked very similar to yours! My coworkers got somehuge ones that covered their entire hands. Mine didn't last long... but I definitely think they're beautiful!

Sue said...

You are so trendy ;>