Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Boring Post I am Sure

Not much to say of great interest. Bald Man's van's transmission went out so I am without a vehicle today. That is neither bad nor good. I wouldn't have minded running errands today, but I am okay in the house. Maybe I will get some needle felting done??? One big thing on my list is to make some birdie bread for our little sweetie. After our little intervention with the Bird Whisperer, Meeko is doing so well with stepping up and not nipping. She is a little love bug and generally speaking, there are lots of people around her to give her the cuddles she wants. We are working on getting her to pellet diet instead of the all seed one she has been on. You should see her stare at you while she puts her foot in her dish and throws the pellets out! How dare you insult the princess with pellets?? I pooh pooh your pellets, I throw them in your face!
Yesterday's appointment with the shrink? Oh yeah, that was nice of Little Man to show the new doctor his very worst side. The nice thing about it was the doctor said I was doing a really job with him. That made me feel good. In spite of almost having one of my fingers dislocated, (I felt the edge pop out and go back in, ouch!) bit, scratched, hit and choked, I was very patient. It helps when you get enough sleep to be patient I have found. New meds to try to make him sleep. Nothing to note so far.
I told you this was boring! Sorry!
A Little Man funny for the day: Today in the shower he was extraordinarly clumsy and kept knocking everything over. I was getting exasperated and sighed heavily. Little Man said, "sorry, my feet are on backwards today!" That made me laugh.
Happy Tuesdays all my bloggy friends!

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I enjoy the daily little man funny.