Thursday, November 23, 2006


I don't observe Thanksgiving as a recognition for being "discovered" by the white folk or use it as a time to bemoan the destruction of my culture. Instead, I like to use it as what I see as the essence of Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks.
Once a month, generally on the first Sunday of the month, we have a fast and testimony service. Members who are able are supposed to fast for worthy causes. When we attend church, the members are invited to go to the front of the congregation and declare their testimonies. (A witness to what they know.) The elders of our church are often encouraging us to stop giving Thankamonies, but this is my blog, it isn't church and a perfect place for my Thankamony.
This year has been a difficult one for myself and for my family. But even with all the things that have made me whine and cry and long for release, there are also many things I am grateful for.
First and foremost, I am grateful for my family. And for the GROWTH of my family. A wedding in April. (it's official, she has a ring!), so a new son in law, a new grandbaby in June, my little Sweet Pea. My sweet hubby and his longsuffering, my mom and my sisters and various other extended family. (Don't forget my new baby Meeko, I adore her, what a sweet birdie she is!)
Health issues have been rampant this last year, but I am grateful that JJ's cyst is not a tumor and that in spite of everything else, it looks like we have Little Man's seizures under control for the first time in about 3 years.
We have plenty of food, money is better this year than it was in years past.
And don't forget yourselves. I am grateful for my bloggy friends. Who knew, when I started this how much I would end up loving you? Caring about you and your circumstances?
Hoping your giving thanks takes up more time than you realized and that the list is longer than you ever imagined. I know mine is.

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