Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Did It!

I did it, I did it! I blogged every single day of November for Nablopomo!
And here is today's post, this is something I have been thinking about for a while.
The FCC says:
"Recent data indicates that, on average, children in the United States spend almost three hours a day watching television. This invited "guest" into our homes has the potential to significantly shape our children's development"
With this in mind, I am going to share with you some disturbing images that my child and perhaps even your child have been exposed to. You might wish to shoo your children away while you read this post the images are graphic and disturbing.
Case Number One:
Dora the Explorer

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We will not even touch upon the relationship between these two cousins!
Instead I wish you to focus on the unnatural shape of Dora's head. Her head resembles a football. She is obviously a victim of hydrocephalus and perhaps even a premature closing of her fontenelles. Her cousin has a normal shaped head and so do her grandparents and parents. I think Dora is a victim of medical neglect, since she has never seen a cranial specialist, nor does she have a shunt for her abnormal amount of cerebral spinal fluid. Neglect and medical abuse. And to think! Your children too are being exposed to this! Daily! Sometimes, if your kid is obsessed, MANY times a day. I just want you to think about what you are letting your children watch!
Case Number Two:
Lilo and Stitch,
Agent Pleakly

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While this image may not seem disturbing on the surface, once you apply some critical thought, I am assured you will be as horrified as I was when I realized what Disney was doing to my child!
In the above image, you will see Agent Pleakly dressed, as Agent Pleakly often is, as a woman. What you have failed to note is that Agent Pleakly is a MAN! Referred to as a HE and MR!!!
Cross dressing on Disney!!! What has this world come to. My child can't even watch a cartoon without being exposed to the liberal, new age influence.
I am sure once you begin to apply your mental faculties to this issue you too will be able to find more examples of disturbing images your family is being exposed to day to day.
Good luck, go out there and get um!

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L. said...

Oh -- I thought you were going to say that Agent Pleakly is shaped like a great big walking penis!

WHAT?!? He IS!!!!

Jo said...

ROFL and dying, oh my gosh! Sorry, never thought of that one. Tsk tsk, my bad! Thanks, I knew I could count on my fellow citizens for their help in this serious matter.

Liza said...

Mr. Pleakley is all kinds of phallic. I mean, forgodsake LOOK at the red...what is that SUPPOSED to be, a bow or something? At his hip-level? Look at it again. Yes. LMAO!

Melissa said...

Agent Pleakly does indeed look like a penis. A penis wearing a sari.

Jane said...

And it's DISNEY, yet! Who would'a thunk?