Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That Kind of a Day

I am sure you are looking at that picture and wondering, what the heck? Some of my bloggy friends with the potty mouths are probably using stronger language.
Know what that speck is you can hardly make out?
THAT, my bloggy puddings, is an EAGLE! As in bald headed, amazing, soaring, incredibly beautiful bird. Wow!
For many Native American tribes, the bald eagle is a sacred symbol, often seen as a spiritual messenger. In the Lakota tradition, the bald eagle is considered a spirit which may be called on for aid, traditionally presiding over councils, hunters, war parties, and battles. In addition, the bald eagle is central to many ceremonies,including marriages and burials, with bald eagle feathers and other parts playing an important role
Hopefully I will be able to figure out what the message was being sent to me today, through this magnificent creature. Seeing this fellow tribal member of mine, I feel watched over and cared about.
Any of you have any ideas?
Otherwise, I am still car-less which is less than optimal, but still okay. Feeling a bit hemmed in and not really wanting to do housework all day.
So that is all the news that is fit to print bloggity dears.

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Liza said...

Oh, man. There really is something special about those birds, isn't there? Once when I lived out in the country very close to a small river I went out to feed some livestock and saw two of them, obviously a mated pair, take off out of a big oak by the pasture fence. They were close enough to the ground for the first second or two that I could see the scaly yellow of their legs and one of the male's golden eyes as he took brief, unimpressed notice of me. After they got waaaay up in the sky, so that they looked about like that picture, I heard one of them call to the other one, and I am enough of a geek that I was totally thinking "ohhhh just like in the movies."
I would have known what that was even without the caption--it's not something you ever forget!