Thursday, November 16, 2006

Miracles Happen

I didn't get my answer about my eagle messenger until my day was almost over yesterday.
The message was a confirmation about choosing social work as my current life's work. It was confirmed to me that I can do good things with this and bless other people's lives. I am supposed to be doing this. Cool mail system, eagles from the spirit world!

Parenting a child with disabilities is a different road to travel. It is not the one you expected and in many ways it is grief filled and heart breaking. Once you put aside your expectations, the most amazing thing happens. Pebbles that just looked so ordinary before, markers on the path of raising a child, become extraordinary. While we were proud of our other children for learning to pedal a bike, or to achieve any of the other so expected milestones, they were expected and sort of ordinary because we never thought of any other outcome.
With Little Man, the ordinary milestones become shining bright jewels in his life and ours. I present to you something we didn't expect. Come celebrate with us, my heart is filled with joy and wonder at the miracle we call our Little Man

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I know I sound all matter of fact in the video, but what you can't see is our hearts bursting with joy and gratitude.

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Jenny said...

Thanks for giving me a big smile too.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is so awesome.

It wasn't long after I started reading your blog that Little Man was in the hospital in dire condition. And now, just look at him. Amazing.

And you know what, he's there, doing his homework, being an adorable little boy....because you love him. Well, that's not the only reason, of course, but it's one of the biggest ones.

You are awesome, Jo.

Azul said...

They are a wonder, aren't they? I have one child; he has a serious medical condition and some delays. He's our one and only, so we've never known anything else. But you're right. When these extra-special little ones come into your life, they make you appriciate every moment, every day.

Thanks for the smile today.

Granny said...

That's wonderful!! It's more than wonderful but I can't come up with the right words. I wish I could have seen your face while he was doing that homework.