Saturday, November 25, 2006

Peek A Boo, I See You!

A couple of you already know about this, because I emailed you about the whole thing. Now that I have decided not to close down this blog and restart another one, I will explain what happened.
When I first started my blog, I chose not give anyone I knew in real life my blog address. It isn't so much about being anonymous, but about having the freedom to say what I needed and wanted to without having to censure myself or worry about hurt feelings. And really, I don't think I said anything that I wouldn't have said anyway. There are a couple of things, that I might not have told you if we weren't better friends, but otherwise, if you and I know each other well, then you have already heard everything that I put on my blog.
I recently found out that a group I used to belong to had posted my blog address publically. After a great deal of thought I finally figured out why it bugged me so much.
These are women I know in real life, not great friends, but people I would consider friends anyway. You know what? Even if they read my blog, knew that Little Man was in the hospital and with all the problems we have had in the last year, not one of them bothered to call me.(They all either have my phone number or know someone who does) But, they didn't offer a prayer, a meal, or even a kind thought for our troubles. That bothered me. Still bothers me.
I seriously considered starting a new blog, but changed my mind about being chased away from my blog. Intead I put on a stats counter. So now I am peering back. Peek a boo!

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L. said...

I know that feeling. I`ve let some of our new friends in SF know about my blog, and now.... I guess I have certain expectations. If I write about some kind of problem, I can`t help but wonder, why isn`t anyone offering any help, or at least a kind word or two?

But another family did invite us over for Thanksgiving this year, and I can`t help but wonder, if I hadn`t shared my blog with the mother, would she have known how lonely I was, and reached out to me?

Anyway....the blog world is just an extension of the human world: no more, no less.