Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sabbath Musings

Bald Man and Tank worked ALL day yesterday while it was daylight, taking the old tranny out of Bald Man's work van and putting a new one in. Bald Man continues to work on it today, and I am praying it is running, cause this thing of having no car is wearing thin.
Bald Man and I managed a date after the sun went down. Very nice! Applebee for dinner and Casino Royale for a movie. I am not enthralled by the new Bond dude. One, he isn't my type, I didn't think he was sexy at all. Now Pierce Brosnen? Oh yeah! The movie was entertaining, but not my favorite Bond movie. It was very nice to be out with my sweetie. It has been way too long.
And yesterday? I was able to talk Oldest Son into babysitting while the we girls did some more wedding dress shopping! Pygmy Child is so very small, just a smidge over 4 and half feet, she has a hard time finding dresses that don't make her look shorter. She also inherited from her mother, a VERY short waist so finding anything that doesn't make her look really blocky isn't easy either. But guess what? We found a lovely style that makes her look like her slim self. For your approval, I present what very well may be the winning style, if not dress!

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The picture quality stinks cause we snuck a camera phone shot. I love the chiffon draping from the side, it lets you see how very slim she is.
So today is Sunday. We are all supposed to be going to church. The Mormon church is a family thing, with children always welcome. Well, we are having serious problems with Little Man and church. Getting him ready? Yikes, melt downs and violence. Being there? Even with his happy pills, more meltdowns and sometimes violence. (When I say violence, I mean on his part. My scratches from last week have healed now) So I really don't think church is a good thing for our boy. So what do we do? Trade off perhaps, Bald Man one week, me the next. It would have been done today, except Bald Man is working on his van, which leaves me with the boy. So instead, I am blogging to you. I know without a doubt God understand, I just hope the people at church do.
We will be having everyone over, lasagna for dinner tonight, another family favorite. With garlic bread and salad of course!
Thank you, thank you, once again for your support of my issues with Little Man's school. I can't tell you how much it has helped and made me feel better about the conflict. I might have to break the Sabbath today and get him a new coat, since he continues to refuse to wear his old one. He has to stay warm. Darn them anyhow.

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Sugar Pixie said...

First of all, they should pay for the fucking coat. Pardon my language.

Secondly, the Mormons rock! I'm sure they understand. And as for God, he sent you the Little Man, and will surely excuse you from church while you spend your day (not to mention life) with said baby.

I am secretly glad that you could not attend church because it means you could post more. Yay! Looking forward to Mountain Monday!