Thursday, November 02, 2006

Save Me!

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Yesterday, after I showered, I had all these wonderful plans of cleaning up from Halloween's mess. With all the kids over and Pea, boy the apartment gets messy fast! So I am doing laundry and what not, the phone rings.... I look at the caller ID, it is Little Man's school. His teacher is calling to tell me that Little Man is making like a volcano and spewing his stomach contents everywhere. Deep sigh. I love my boy but he is soooo much work. There goes all my hopes of cleaning up or anything else productive. He was pretty good yesterday, feeling under the weather.He only threw up one more time, all over the bathroom. I rented Over the Hedge and he watched that 3 times.
But! Today?? He is feeling better and quite wild. Driving me crazy in fact. It is going to be a long day. I don't dare send him to school, part of me wants to (the selfish part that wants some peace and quiet and doesn't want to spend the day locked up with a wild animal type child all day, and would really like to get something done, like a nap...) but being a good mommy, I need to make sure he is feeling all the way better.
So, bloggy dears, pray for me, send me good thoughts, offer sacrifices to goddess of sanity, whatever, it will all be appreciated.
(Two days of perfect attendence in Noblopomo!)

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bon said...

glad to see another Utah "Blop-er"! You go girl!