Friday, November 10, 2006

No Car Still!

Remember on monday I was okay without my van? I don't think I am okay anymore. I feel soooo housebound. And that would be fine if I were feeling in the mood to clean or something. But nothing, I don't want to anything at all...

I've got the blues
The stuck in the house,
can't escape, bluuuueeessss
Bald Man broke his van
and now he has mine
so I am trapped, bbbllllueeessss
No chocolate to eat,
No new books to read
Nothing to watch on TV, bbbbluuuueeeeessss

Tomorrow, he promised tomorrow he is putting a new tranny in his work van, so I can have mine back. I shall take Little Man to go see Flushed Away and we will eat buttered popcorn and I will drink Dr. Pepper so I don't fall asleep.
And you? Hopefully you can look forward to a pretty picture of lightly snow dusted mountains on mon if it doesn't melt.

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