Sunday, November 05, 2006

You Will Get Sick of This Yet

Day five of Nablopomo, perfect attendence! Where is my gold star??

Ah yes, my Bloggity cupcakes, like any new parent, I have many pictures of our new baby and you are sort of being forced to "enjoy" them politely!
Meeko darling had a rough day yesterday. My birdy friend came over and gave our family some lessons on how to become the Alpha bird. Seems as though our darling baby has spent far too long being spoiled and in charge and she needs some tough love. No more scritches for our little darling unless she has stepped up. (Meaning she has accepted the command and stepped up to your finger) And ta da!

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She doesn't like stepping up and she is BAD nipper, but she is learning and we were surprised at how little time it is taking for her to do better.
Do you know what a barn sour horse is? Meeko is cage sour. Anywhere near her cage she is bratty and wants to go back to her cage and try to bite you if try to pick her up. Once you get her away from her cage she is much more snuggly and managable.
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Along with lots of loving though, she needed to be clipped badly. That part she didn't enjoy.

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My bird mentor did the clipping, which saved us some money and saved our lil sweetie from the extra trauma of going to the vet while she is still settling in.
She is a goofy bird! She loves to entertain and will do anything for a laugh. She says Bad Cat, Hello, Hi, I love you, squeaks like the door shutting and imitates your laugh. She also always coughs back at me when I cough. (Fairly frequent there, remember I am recovering from broncitis.) She loves to throw things and it is really funny. We are enjoying her so much. Sorry about another Meeko post, but hey, it is what is going on in Chez Tangled!
And one last pic of our pretty bird

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elizasmom said...

It's a bird-blog!
I enjoyed the birdie pictures. I've never owned one but when we go to petco to buy cat stuff, Eliza and I always stop by the bird display. They're so gorgeous. Love to stories about yours so far — keep 'em coming!