Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Tale of Two Ducks

Rubber Duckies! Is there anything cuter?? Sometimes they can even be theraputic. Have you ever heard of sensory integration dysfunction? sometimes nerve endings don't work right and leave the person with either heightened or deadened reactions to various sensory stimuli. Little Man has it and so does my friend's daughter. There is big money in sensory products now to help our kiddos live more normal lives. If you go to South Paw Enterprises you can find many things to help with sensory issues. Things to chew on, things to watch, things for your hands, things for your feet,things to squeeze you, etc. You can also buy a really cute rubber duckie that vibrates, is waterproof and looks just like this:

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being waterproof and vibrating means you could help your child in the bath become calmer and feel better.
My friend decided her daughter needed one and ordered it from the aforementioned South Paw.
Imagine her surprise when the cute lil thing arrived, packaged with a brochure from the company that manufactured it. On the brochure was a picture of this!

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Seems as though the company that makes cute, waterproof duckies also makes other things....Eeek!

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Jenny said...

that is funny

SparklieSunShine said...

I actually think those duckies were created to be used as vibrators. Though I am very humored by the S&M one.

elizasmom said...

You know, I started to get a sinking feeling when I read about how the duckie vibrates. That can't be going anywhere good, I thought, just before I scrolled down. Too funny!

Granny said...

Just saying hi now that I'm back.

Atasha said...

Oh my word! There is even a Paris Duckie. That is crazy! And Bondage Duckie comes in both travel size and regular size. I was so curious I had to look through the whole site!