Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's Cold Outside!

Winter, although slow to arrive this year is finally getting here. We had to turn on the heater! Poor Bald Man, it is 43 at 10 in the morning and he is outside, all bundled up, pulling the tranny out of his work van. He found another one at a junk yard, for a couple of hundred, so it won't be too expensive to fix. Makes me rather glad I am married to a fix it type of guy. Little Man and I have plans to get his hair cut and go to the movies. Thank goodness the movies will buy me a couple of hours of peace and quiet with the child. He likes to watch movies. It is a good thing.
Bald Man and I are struggling to find time with each other. Things have in general been a bit hectic and then with Little Man not sleeping well, we are getting NO time in the evenings. Saturdays have been our date day for years. We used to go out in the evenings, but we found our built in baby sitters (the older kids) were usually busy on the weekend nights, but rarely during the days. So we switched to Saturday days years ago. The great part about Saturday day dates? Movies are cheaper, meals are cheaper and it is easier to find a sitter. So the switch was a good one. It has been at least a month, and more probably two months since we have had our Saturday date. We miss each other, miss our time with each other, feel like other things are taking up our time with each other, (which they are!) And now, the stupid van needs his attention. Deep sigh. I am left with a very messy apartment and Little Man. Not a great trade. It will be fine, but there are other things I would rather be doing today. Hope your weekend is a good one.

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